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You can always access your email Online from anywhere you have online access at:


ERROR : Could not complete request. Query: CREATE "Sent Items"

If this error message fills your entire folder column in squirrelmail, you probably have set 2 conflicting options. The conflicting options which will cause this error are located in the Folder Display options page and the options are :

  • Sent Folder : [Do Not Use]
  • Show Variable Sent Folder : Always

To fix, select "sent folder" to use, or disable the Show Variable Sent Folder.

Why doesn't Addressbook CSV Import Work?

If you can't seem to import your CSV file in squirrelmail, try breaking the file up into separate files of 100 lines or less. Try multiple times if it keeps asking you for the file. If 100 line files don't work, try breaking the files into even smaller chunks. You need to import at least three fields for it to work; e-mail, nickname, and either last or first name. Once uploaded, you assign each field to the column. Maximum file size for upload is 5KB; about 100 lines. Nicknames must be unique.

My Addressbook is Gone! Help!

If your address book has suddenly "de-populated" itself, you have probably accidently logged into webmail with a different email alias. This can happen if you have a catchall setup for the mailbox in question. If you do this, you will see all of your mail, but since squirrelmail uses a specific email alias to store the addressbook, logging in with a different email alias will give you a nice fresh empty addressbook.

For instance, if you have a mailbox with a catch-all address on it and you usually login as bobby@mydomain.com, if you make a typo and loggin as boby@mydomain.com, you will still be logged in because of the catch-all. But, because all your addresses in your addressbook are associated with bobby@mydomain.com NOT boby@mydomain.com, the addressbook will appear empty. To fix it, just login with the correct/normal email alias.

What can I do if my mailbox is full?

If your mail user runs out of disk space, you'll be unable to receive new messages. You'll also have a hard time deleting old ones!

You will need to increase the disc quota on that mailbox, and wait a few hours for the servers to update before you can log in again and delete the excess mail.

Help! My calendar data has disappeared!

If your calendar data has suddenly disappeared, contact support as soon as possible. We may be able restore your calendar data from as far back as 2 weeks using backups we may have available.

INBOX Error : ERROR : Could not complete request. Query FETCH . . . .

If you receive this error when trying to view the INBOX : ERROR : Could not complete request. Query: FETCH (FLAGS UID RFC822.SIZE BODY.PEEK[HEADER.FIELDS (Date To Cc From Subject X-Priority Content-Type)]) Reason Given: Error in IMAP command received by server.

This is caused by a SORT bug. To fix it follow these steps :
  1. Click on a folder other than INBOX in the left hand pane (eg. drafts).
  2. Change the sort preference by clicking on the little gray square next to To:, Date:, or Subject:
  3. Click on INBOX in the left handed pane.

Why do I keep getting logged off?

Make sure the date on your computer is set correctly. An incorrect date will cause the cookie system to malfunction.

Nothing happens when I click "compose" or "reply" or "forward"?

You probably have the "Use Javascript" option set to NEVER in your display options. Swich it to AUTODETECT or turn off "Compose In New Window"

Why won't squirrelmail tell me when I have new mail?

SquirrelMail, by default, will not automatically check for new mail if you leave it open. To check for new mail manually, on the Left click "refresh folder list" or the INBOX. To set this up to "refresh" the message list, go to "Options - Folder Preferences", "Auto Refresh Folder List:" and select the amount of time to refresh the folder list. Click Submit to save this change.

Is there web-based access to DreamHost Email?

Yes! All DreamHost accounts now come with free web-based access to email.

You may access your email via the web at the following url:


(make sure to replace "example.com" with your domain)

It's already set up, easy to use, and accessible from anywhere you can get to the web.

To log in, enter your email address and password into the login form and submit.

Please note that webmail uses IMAP instead of POP, which means it leaves your email messages on our server and won't mess up any other email client you might normally use to check your email.

If you don't see any email messages in your inbox when you log in (but you normally do when you use your other email client), it's because your other email client is set to use POP3 and not keep messages on the server. That's fine of course, but it means that the only copy of that email is on the computer running your email client, and not our servers (where you can access it via the web).

To make copies of your outgoing mail in a "Sent" folder you must do the following. If you don't already see a "sent" folder in the listing on the left, you'll have to create one. Do this by going to "Folders" and creating a folder named "Sent" that is a sub-folder of NONE. Then just go to the Options area, then click on the "Folder Preferences" and choose that "Sent" folder as the "Sent Folder:" setting there!

Note: If you want to access your web mail securely, you can. Just go to https://webmail.example.com/. Some error messages will pop up, but if you just accept them (or even better, import the certificate into your browser), your connection will be encrypted and your username and password won't be going across the Internet as plain text anymore.

Note #2 : If you need to login with your Imap user name and not your alias, then append an exlamation mark after the username when logging in. Example : m203033303030!

Note #3 : If you want end users to be able to change their mailbox passwords (and set up filters and a few other things) without giving them a Web ID, we have a special place set up just for that at http://mailboxes.yourdomain.com/

Note #4 : To customize the look of your login screen, use the Panel under Mail, Webmail, Edit settings to point to a custom logo image.

Is there an attachment size limit when sending mail through webmail?

Yes. Because our webmail system (SquirrelMail) is written in PHP, the max attachment size for webmail is inherited from the "upload_max_filesize" value set forth from the PHP configuration file on the server. Currently, that value is set to 7 MB.

Please do not ask us to increase this limit. We have set this limit as a security feature for our PHP users.