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Recent recurring linkspammer

A quick note regarding the linkspam most recently left by "BeCool" - those spam links went to pages being served from the network of a university, from where they were forwarded to the actual "targets". After a quick telephone call to the university network administrator, and a follow-up email, it seems as though all those pages have been removed from the university's server(s). Maybe this will discourage this fool, at lest for a bit. -- Rlparker 08:40, 8 September 2007 (PDT)

Update: There are two recent developments in my attempts to deal with this fool that might be of interest. First, while it seems that the pages that were removed from the servers at have been recreated, I still think it is worth tracking down administrators for his hosts and asking them to remove to his pages, disrupting him whenever and wherever possible. To that end, I have spoken on the telephone with the appropriate parties at and, as of early this afternoon PDT, all *those* pages have been removed from their servers. I have also emailed the folks again about the "re-appearing" pages; hopefully they will respond as they did before and delete them again. Secondly, with Sabrejack's help, I pointed Aaron at a MediaWiki configuration setting that purported to be able to "block" edits containing hidden div spam. Aaron was kind enough to make the configuration change, and my subsequent tests of trying to "re-enter" the "hidden" link spam left by the spammer *were blocked*! Woo Hoo! -- Rlparker 17:03, 14 September 2007 (PDT)

Install Script Moves

Quick question in regards to moving articles and archiving them.
I'd like to move the PHP5 Dev Install Script over to the main PHP5 Install article, as I believe it has undergone enough testing (at least by myself and a couple others) to formally be out of its "beta" phase. What exactly would be the best way to go about archiving the old install guide? Move it over to the discussion page (which mind you, is already chalk full of information/discussion), or archive the old contents and then use the new? If archiving the old content on either page is the best way to go, then I'd like to request that at the earliest convenient time for you. Any other ideas though would be very welcomed.
Many Thanks! - Mousee 10:29, 19 September 2007 (PDT)