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Nate has left the building. He's passed on (to different things). This sysop/programmer is no more (a DreamHost employee). This is an ex-DreamHost-employee.

I'm in charge of nerd things. Recently, I wrote the Junk Filter stuff. A long time ago I only used to code. I wrote chunks of the Web Panel and the backend that makes it work. I'm a really good perl programmer.

Now I deal with budgeting, scheduling people, hardware problems, personnel problems, hardware deployments, networking, interdomain routing, and pretty much any other crap our computers have to do. I still spend time writing new code, which I enjoy a lot, but babysitting hundreds of computers with a small team means I get less time coding than I'd like. At least my job is interesting and different every day!

  • PHP is analogous to a close friend who enables a really bad drug habit.
  • I like Macs.
  • I've recently gotten good at interdomain routing, although it's not a big part of the job.
  • I haven't had a hobby programming project in a long time, but I'd like one.
  • At work, I'm a pragmatist, always. It comes with the job.