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== Contributions ==
== Contributions ==

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About Me

Homepage: www.chipsncheese.com

I'm currently attending ITT Tech's Mount Prospect campus working on a bachelors in ISS (Information Systems Security).

I've worked with computers and electronics since I was about 14-15.
I started into the computer field after breaking the family computer in 1991-92 (I was 9yrs old then), after attempting to "hack it" to make it "run faster" by randomly running some Symantec programs that were on a special disk my dad had bought.
In high school, we were required to use a TI-83 graphing calculator, and so I found an Australian website that explained in some detail how to go about "hacking" your TI-83 to make it run faster. Soon after "hacking" my calculator I had about 10 of my friends asking me to hack their's too. So I made a bit of money off my geekiness.

In 1998-1999 (about the same year as the TI-83), I built my first computer.
I'd done some extensive research beforehand on the type of components and such needed, though I hadn't really thought about the difference between various brands. I got lucky though! I managed to pickup an Asus P2B-F motherboard along with a 333Mhz Celeron (Yes I was on a budget) and 128meg PC100 SDRAM. I soon realized how horribly slow this setup was, and soon after upgraded to a P3 700Mhz processor, which I quickly over-clocked to 932Mhz.

November of 2004, found me playing my first MMORPG called Lineage II.
Some internet friends of mine had invited me to try the game out with them, and it turned out to oddly become a rather life-changing experience. Despite the fact that I LOVE nothing more than fantasy stories, movies, and such about Wizards and Elves (specifically), I found the game suited my tastes almost perfectly... though I really had no interest in killing other players, which apparently was the game's eventual focus.
Around March 2005, I became part of the Deviant Realms' staff.
I was part of the semi-official "Pets Rule" event organization and eventually became head GM for the Zephyr server, a java-based emulation of the official servers called L2J, that lasted until late 2006 when I left the staff to pursue other interests.
Specifically, after having analyzed my experiences working with people on various levels and my proficiency at dealing with server related issues, I finally came to the realization of what I wanted to do in life and ever since I've continued to work hard to meet that goal.