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OK. So you have your site built and ready to go. Now you just need to get it on to your account. You do that by uploading your files to DreamHost. This can be done in several ways, including these three:

FTP Client

This method is the recommended way to upload your files to DreamHost, All you have to do is download an FTP client (Core FTP is free) and use your FTP account login information as follows:

FTP Host:
Your website address (leave out the "http://"). You can also enter in your server address if your registration has not yet propagated over the internet. So if you're on the 'flower' server your server address would be flower.dreamhost.com and so on.
This is where you put your FTP user name. Please note that your WebPanel WebID is not the FTP username, even though they are sometimes the same. You can find this information in the email DreamHost sent to you when you either signed up or created the FTP user account. Contact support if you are unsure as to what your FTP user name is.
This too is not the same password as you use for your WebPanel. You can find this information in the email DreamHost sent you either when you signed up or when you created the FTP user account. Again, contact support if you are unsure what your FTP password is.
This is where your FTP client will upload your files to. Make sure you enter the name of the folder you want to upload your files to. By default, DreamHost always names your website's content folder after itself. For example, Dreamhost.com path would be "/home/username/dreamhost.com/" and Yoursite.com would be "/home/username/yoursite.com/". It should look something like this when you're done:

Upload 1.jpg

Note: if you uploaded your site and everything looks like it transferred right, but you only see a "Parent directory" chances are that you uploaded your files to the wrong folder, or you uploaded your files to the wrong FTP user account.

After you have entered the correct settings into the FTP client, go ahead and connect to the system. You should be able to just drag your files on the upload window, wait for it to transfer and you're done.

Web Browser

Currently Internet Explorer is the browser that supports FTP browser transfer the best, so that's is what we're going to cover here.

In your web browser address bar you will first enter ftp:// then your site address or your server address. For example, "ftp://yoursite.com" or "ftp://yourserver.dreamhost.com".

File:Upload 2.jpg

Next you will see a pop up asking you for a username and password.... pretty self explanatory. Click "Log on" to continue. Next you should see a couple of folders, including one with your website's name on it. Enter into that one and start dragging and dropping your files into it until you are finished.


You can log in to a web-based FTP client by browsing to http://webftp.dreamhost.com/ and filling in the same information that was used in the previous examples. Note that this system has a 7 megabyte file size limit for uploading.