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As for 19.VII.2007, DreamHost pannel doesn't have a separate page for editing Credit Card information. If you wish to change any of those informations, do the following:

In your web panel, go to Billing then click on Make Payment

Make payment 01.png

You can change the Account that you wish to modify in the left bottom box of the panel. Note that one Account is tied to one Credit Card information and a Hosting Plan.

You will then see 2 options. Click on the 1st option - Credit Card AutoPay the other option takes you to the make a payment section. The status of the AutoPay will also be displayed here with either Enabled or Disabled.

Autopay 01.png

You will see the following options which are broken down into 3 sections.

  • 1. Enabled or Disabled AutoPay (On by default)
  • 2. Auto Payment limiter, this will limit the amount that we are able to charge you in 1 day
  • 3. Your credit card information, this is the card that we will auto charge when you have a balance on your account. Also, here are the informations that you wish to change

Autopay 02.png

Important! If you wish to change these informations, you MUST (as for 19.VII.2007) click to Enable the AutoPay feature! Otherwise, if you make the changes and hit the Submit button (in this case called Update Automated Rebill Settings), it will say "Success", but the informations below will still be unchanged! You may want to try and Submit the changed informations without that field enabled. If it doesn't change, just Enable the AutoPay feature

Autopay 03.png

After submission, re-check if the informations have changed properly. Later on, you can possibly disable the AutoPay feature, as it is needed for us only to commit the Credit Card changes properly.