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I'm not even sure this is allowed on DreamHost. Someone may want to check into that. -- Scjessey 11:33, 18 February 2008 (PST)

I assume the above comment is redundant, but when I switched to nginx there was nothing in /dh/nginx to configure, or anywhere else for that matter so it seems I need to upgrade to "Lenny".

Much of the permalink advice, for example , contradicts best practice suggested by the Nginx founder, for example says:

(The use of if) is wrong for two reasons. Most importantly Nginx does a lot of optimization to vhosts. If you use an if like this you miss out on that optimization as a request for and will both have to go to the vhost, then parse the if and then the regex. Less important is that you’re capturing data Nginx has already captured for you. The Nginx way to do this is the following: server {

   rewrite ^$request_uri? permanent;