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Kbase is Gone

Suggest Change: " serves the same purpose as our knowledge base, with one major difference. All articles at are editable by anyone who registers." Now there are two major difference; most major is Kbase is gone. Anonymous 06:56, 22 Jan 2006 (PST)

Actually, since it's gone shouldn't the link to it be removed?! Jazzle 01:51, 23 Jan 2006 (PST)

There needs to be a discussion about the integration of the Knowledge Base into the wiki. Please see the KB talk page for more. -- Scjessey 13:06, 25 Jan 2006 (PST)


Would be nice to see here a BreadCrumb with external links to all DreamHosts web services such as Main : Cpanel : Wiki : Blog : Forums : KB --Techtonik 07:16, 29 Oct 2005 (PDT)


Before you get carried away, I think it would be a good idea to establish certain rules about how this reorganization, and then any subsequent editing, is done. In fact, I would prefer to see no reorganization of any kind until these rules have been established. I would begin with working out the following:

  1. Naming Conventions - This would need to cover object, article, category, and subcategory naming.
  2. Nomenclature - How to categorize and subcategorize.
  3. Roadmap - I think that we need to establish a roadmap for reorganization, and even an order of reorganization.

I recommend we begin by creating our own village pump similar to wikipedia's. What does anyone else think? -- Scjessey 05:02, 11 Feb 2006 (PST)

Since there is one now, sort of, we should point to it. -- Pseudomonad 08:32, 8 Jun 2006 (PDT)


You're running a pretty old version of MediaWiki here. You should really consider upgrading to either the latest stable 1.4.x or the latest 1.6.x just for the security fixes. Dori 17:34, 1 Jun 2006 (PDT)

  • Done, quite a while ago. AF 18:38, 17 June 2008 (UTC)