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re . "Magento runs fine on Dreamhost. If you want make it faster, activate gZip using .htaccess. It will need more than 100mb when you rebuild index or other proccess." (added to the page by user:Genetic2U and rolled back by me). This was rolled back because it is at best misleading and at worst inaccurate. See the system requirements posted by the Magento developers. I have seen it "run" on DreamHost shared servers, after a fashion, but with shared server memory limitations is does not run "fine", and won't even be able to "rebuild index or other process". To leave that on the page would mislead users into investing time and effort to no avail on a shared server. The end result of that effort would be something that "appears" to run, but doesn't run properly or with full functionality. -- Rlparker 17:04, 28 January 2010 (UTC)