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What is this?

The sandbox is a place where new and veteran users of the Wiki software can experiment and test out techniques.

Why is it important?

The sandbox is important because:

  • content here is considered a test rather than valuable information
  • users can test styles and techniques without cluttering up the main site

Power level

According to the scouter, Sabrejack's power level is almost less than ten thousand, more than sixty nine, not equal to the coefficient of friction of the latch against the metal lock loop on a 16th-century treasure chest, and infinitely greater than the number of flowers in the average American garden. Most importantly, it is OVER NINE THOUSAND.

I cast a 10th-level spell over Sabrejack which reduces his power level by an order of magnitude. Furthermore, I vanquish Raws with the Flaming Sword of Referral Refunds.

Huff Huff

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