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We offer you 2 options on how to get a rewarded for referring a customer to us:

  • One-Time Rewards
    • For each tier-1 (primary) referral you can earn as much as $97.
    • For each tier-2 (secondary) referral you earn $5.


  • Recurring Rewards (This is the default option when you initially sign-up!*)
    • You earn a percentage of every payment the referred customer makes - for life!
    • Tier-1 (primary) referrals earn 10%.
    • Tier-2 (secondary) referrals earn 5%.

To switch your payment type you will need to go to your Web Panel and go to Rewards > How much are you earning? then you can switch between these 2 referral payment options.

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* Note: Rewards can not be switched once they have been issued, it is your responsibility to make sure that you have the desired Reward Payment type selected before you receive Rewards