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This wiki article is maintained by wiki gnomes and is editable by the general public. That said, the authoritative reference to the Reward program terms is found here at the Affiliates Terms and Conditions page.

The "DreamHost Rewards Program" provides for two different types of rewards; one-time and recurring.

  • One-time rewards gives you a one-time reward credit for each new customer your refer to us (minus any discount you may have given if you created a custom promo code). The maximum Reward you can earn is $97.00 (tier-1 Reward). Tier-2 Rewards are $5 (THIS IS NEW!).
  • Recurring rewards gives you reward credits each time one of your referred customers makes a payment - for the life of their account! Tier-1 Rewards are 10% of whatever the referred customer spends. Tier-2 Rewards are 5% of whatever the referred customer spends.

NOTE: The default rewards type is recurring! If you want to receive one-time rewards you will have to change the option in the control panel or use custom promo codes.

NOTE: Changing the rewards type ONLY AFFECTS FUTURE REWARDS! It does not have any effect on current rewards.

NOTE: No changes can be made to rewards that have already been processed. No exceptions will be made!

There are basically three different ways to refer new customers (and get the reward credits for it). NOTE: These methods are listed in order of priority.

  1. Create custom promo codes in the control panel [(HOME > REWARDS)]. Custom promo codes only provide one-time rewards (regardless of the setting in the control panel). You can give discounts to your referred customers by selecting the amounts in the control panel when you create the custom promo codes. NOTE: Any discount comes out of the rewards that you could have received! If you give it all away, then you receive nothing. If you don't give a discount, then you will receive the full reward. Give these custom promo codes to prospective new customers (via your web page, e-mail, etc.). Direct them to enter the promo code in the appropriate field on the sign-up page. The discount amount (if any) will be displayed on the (2nd) payment page during the sign up process. IMPORTANT: Promo codes overrides all other methods of referring new customers.
  2. Give prospective new customers the primary contact e-mail address of your account (listed at the top of the [(HOME > REWARDS)] page in the control panel). Direct them to enter that e-mail address in the appropriate field on the sign-up page. NOTE: This is the ONLY e-mail address associated with your account that will work for referring new customers! No discounts are given to the new customers are given when they sign up using this method. You can receive either one-time or recurring rewards depending on how your account is configured in the control panel. IMPORTANT: This referral method overrides any referral links that have been followed.
  3. Direct prospective new customers to follow the web link provided at the top of the [(HOME > REWARDS)] page (ie: Replace the XXXXXX in the example, use your specific account number! Put this link (with a nice graphic) on your web page or include it in your e-mail signature, etc. (but don't spam with it!). WARNING: This method does not guarantee that you will receive rewards for referring new customers! If your prospective referral previously followed someone else's link and a cookie was left on their computer (if cookies are allowed) the referrer with the oldest cookie will get the rewards. Flushing previous cookies will insure that you get the credit for someone following your referrer link. No discounts are given when new customers sign up using this method. You can receive either one-time or recurring rewards depending on how your account is configured in the control panel.