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Use "Domains > Remap Sub-Dir" to make a sub-directory of your domain use a non-standard location in your file system its source for web content.

Normally if you have set up with the web directory /home/user/
then would get its content from /home/user/ automatically.
This area allows you to override this default setting and use any folder you'd like to provide content for sub-directories of your domain. It's great for sharing your domain among multiple ftp users. Now you could have: get its content from /home/otheruser/images
Be warned, CGI scripts won't work in sub-directories remapped to other user's home directories because of file ownership issues.

Note also that PHP scripts in remapped sub-directories - within your own home directory - can only run with the server's default PHP version, which is presently PHP 4.4.2. Software that requires PHP 5 cannot run in a remapped directory.

Also, you can't use this area to change the web directory for an entire domain! To do that, just go to the "edit" link at "Domains > Web".