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For those of you using Mac OS X and RapidWeaver for your web design, here are the settings you should have in your Publish Site... dialog for the domain "yourdomain.com"


Publish using: FTP

Server: yourdomain.com

Username: [your chosen username for this domain]

Password: [password as provided by Dreamhost]

Site path: /yourdomain.com/


Use passive mode: ON

Log on anonymously: OFF


Note the forward slash (/) before and after the domain name in Site path: that's important.

I'm still unclear as to how to publish a site for testing purposes through rolls.dreamhosts.com. Perhaps someone else can elucidate.

Good luck.


To publish using sFTP:

1. When you publish a site for the FIRST TIME, you MUST publish in FTP mode. No need to upload an entire website, just a one empty page website. And so with the following details: both the server and the path must be you domain name (like domain.com).

2. For the following publications, just set RapidWeaver to publish in SFTP mode WITHOUT changing the path. In so from the previous example it should remain as:


And that's it.