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Header billing.png

Our system can take Pre-Payments, however it does not offer pre-charges, this means that if you want to prepay for one of your services you can but the service will not be charged until it renews, the pre-payment will stay on your account as a positive balance until the date of the renewal comes up.

to make a payment just go to the Billing section of your WebPanel, then to the Make Payment page

Make payment 01.png

Once you are on this page you will see 2 options, one is for the AutoPay option and the other is for Payment Options select the 2nd option

Make payment 02.png

on this page you will have "up to" 6 options, Credit Card, Dreamhost Rewards, Dreamhost Gift Cards, Google Checkout (Only an option if you have a balance due), Checks, and PayPal.

Please note: You will not be able to make a pre-payment will google checkout unless you have a balance on your account.

Make payment 03.png

All you have to do is input the payment option of your choice and click on the Blue charge button below that option

After you have made the payment you should see your positive balance at the top of the page

Make payment 04.png