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From the "Billing > Payments" area of our web panel you can make a payment to your account or change which credit card we should automatically rebill each month.

If you have multiple accounts, make sure you have the one you want to work with selected before taking any actions on this page!

How do I use the web panel to make a payment?

Go to the "Billing > Make Payment" area of our web panel and make sure you have the account you wish to make a payment towards selected in the select area of our web panel.

Then click the link to go to and you'll be able to securely pay via Credit Card, Paypal, or Gift Certificate from there!

Please note that the only way to make payments via paypal is through this method. We do not accept payments directly from because we cannot always automatically tell which account you wanted the money to go towards!

How does your automatic rebill system work?

When you sign up with a credit card, you are also authorizing us to automatically charge your credit card each month on your rebill date for whatever new charges you have accrued in the past month. You can tell us to not automatically charge your credit card of course!

The day of the month you signed up on is your monthly rebill date. If you don't know what that was for you (who does?), it is right there in bold in the automatic rebill section of our "Billing > Payments" area.

If we can't automatically rebill you for some reason, we'll just send you an email invoice which you can then manually pay online. If we do automatically rebill you, you'll get an email receipt for the transaction. If it looks like we're going to automatically bill you more than $100, we also send you an email warning one week before hand. That way you won't be surprised and can make changes to your automatic rebill preferences if necessary!

All notices are sent to the email address listed in your contact information, so be sure to keep that up to date!

How do I change or add a credit card?

To change the credit card we automatically rebill, just go to our "Billing > Make Payment" area and change the relevant information in the form you see. Note, if you live in a country that doesn't have "states", just fill in your country's two-letter abbreviation for the state of the billing address.

If you want to change a credit card that you'd like to use for manual payments, just click the link and then remove the old credit card info and enter a new credit card with the new information! If you're just updating the expiration date, you can do that without removing and re-adding the card.

How do I delete a credit card from your system?

To stop your credit card from being automatically rebilled, click the 'modify' link that's located next to the image of your current card in the Manage Account section of the control panel. From there, click the CreditCard AutoPay button and then check off the Remove This Card: option that shows up. Click the Update Automatic Rebill Settings button to save the change and remove your card from the system.

Which methods of payment do you accept?

DreamHost accepts a wide variety of payment types, and you're free to choose the method, or combination of methods, that works best for you!

  • Credit Card: We accept the following credit cards:
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • American Express
    • Discover
    • Diner's Club
    • Carte Blanche
  • Debit Card (only if it has a Visa or MasterCard logo on it)
  • Personal Check (payable in US dollars)
DreamHost Web Hosting
Attn: Payments
PMB #257
417 Associated Rd.
Brea, CA 92821 USA
(write your account number on your check)
  • Money Order (payable in US dollars)
  • Cashiers Check (payable in US dollars)
  • PayPal
  • Google Checkout
  • Direct debit from U.S. checking account

At this time, DreamHost does not accept bank/wire transfer payments.

NOTE: There is a two to three week delay in receiving/processing/posting checks and money orders. Please plan accordingly and contact support if necessary.

Can I split my payment between several different methods?

You sure can!

If you're paying manually, then you can just make different manual payments for whatever amounts you'd like on each payment method each month. Nothing tricky about that!

If you'd like us to automatically rebill you, you have the option of setting a dollar maximum that we should charge your rebillable payment method. Set that to whatever you'd like it to be. Then, when we automatically rebill it, you'll get a receipt letting you know that we charged that card. You can then go in and manually pay the rest of your bill with whatever other payment methods you'd like.