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(What is wiki.dreamhost.com?)
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* [[:Category:Security|Security / Secure Transports]] ('''<font color="#14C020">New</font>''')
* [[:Category:Security|Security / Secure Transports]] ('''<font color="#14C020">New</font>''')
* [[:Category:Videos|Videos]] ('''<font color="#14C020">New</font>''')
* [[:Category:Videos|Videos]] ('''<font color="#14C020">New</font>''')
* [[V12.04 April 2010|Most recent newsletter]]
* [[V12.7-8-9 Julygustember 2010|Most recent newsletter]]

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What is wiki.dreamhost.com?

This wiki is basically the DreamHost Web Hosting manual, but contains a lot of non DreamHost-specific web hosting information as well.

wiki.dreamhost.com allows anyone who registers to create new articles and update existing ones. That means that what you read here could be incomplete, incorrect, or in conflict with DreamHost's policies; however, as Wikipedia has shown, this is usually not the case with community-editable knowledge bases. In fact, they generally end up being more accurate, complete, and up-to-date than their centrally-managed brethren. Which is why we're giving this a shot.

If you would like to contribute to this wiki, please make sure that the information you would like to add does not already exist. It may be that such material hasn't yet been properly categorized, so it may be necessary to search for it. Wikis have a particular but simple syntax to produce these nicely formatted pages. If you do add content, please make sure you use the correct markup syntax and follow the policies and guidelines.

Get Some Help

Here is some of what we've found to be the most useful information right out front:

For a more complete listing of articles available in this Wiki, you can browse the categories.
If you have a question about a wiki article or process, please contact one of the active sysops.

Much thanks to the gigantic hordes of unwashed Happy DreamHost Customers working to create a magnificent tower of Web Hosting Learning,

The Happy DreamHost Wiki-wiki Bula Bus Team