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Want to know how much you're being charged, and what for? Look no further!

Why don't you send paper invoices to customers?

Unlike other businesses, we don't print out and send paper invoices. Given that our business is web based, and all of our billing information is stored digitally, it's only natural to keep our invoicing online. Unlike traditional paper invoices, our electronic ones have some distinct advantages:
  1. Lower cost to us, which translates to lower cost to you.
  2. Up to the day invoicing means that it's always current.
  3. Our invoices are fully customizable: see your billing history from the moment you signed up to the present day, or specify your own time frame.
  4. Less paper means more trees.
  5. You (or the postal service) can't lose an electronic invoice!
If you really, really want a paper invoice, you can print one out from your Account Control Panel. And you won't even have to wait for it in the mail! For more information, click here:

How can I get an invoice?

Why was I billed x amount on such and such date?

Find a complete history of every amount we've billed you and every service you've been charged for (with explanations) by logging into the Account Control Panel and clicking on the Invoice segment of the Billing tab. If your charge doesn't show up there, please contact our billing team and be sure to include your username, the date, and amount billed.

Why is my monthly charge higher than usual?

I looked at my invoice and it appears that you charged me more than my monthly plan costs. Since I have a CDI plan which is billed monthly at $9.95, why are you charging me $14.27 this month?

What Is A Prorate Charge?

The additional sum, for which you were billed, is a prorate charge. If you signed up with DreamHost under DH1, you may have done so during the middle of the month. Since you didn't use a full month of hosting by the time billing came around (the first of the next month), you only owed us a fraction of your monthly fee. When this happened, we actually refrained from billing you that month, and instead added that partial month's total on to your bill for the next month.

You weren't charged more, but rather later.

Under DH2, the prorate charge has been eliminated. Your billing date will be the same numerical date each month as the date your service began --- if you began service on April 14, for example, your billing date will be the 14th of each month under DH2.

Of course, there is a chance that you have been wrongly charged. If you have already paid a prorate charge, and have gotten a bill for a total you did not expect, by all means let us know. We will double-check and credit you if necessary.

How can I get an invoice?

One thing that seems to be different about Dreamhost is that I don't receive a monthly invoice. Sure, this saves trees, but it makes it terribly difficult to keep track of my hosting expenses. Can you help? Sure!

You can use the Account Control Panel to view your electronic invoice and print it out.

Simply log on to the Account Control Panel. Select the Billing tab, and click on the Invoice link.

This will take you to a current rundown of your billing, as well as the option to pay off your balance right then and there.

Full History

Type in start and end dates to provide a time frame for your invoice. You can see recent charges, or view your entire account history from the moment you joined up with Dreamhost to the present.

Printing Invoices

So, what if you really do need a paper invoice? Just print a copy of the invoice page! That's more or less what we would do if we sent one to you. This way, you have the efficiency of electronic recordkeeping, as well as the security of being able to produce an up-to-the-day paper record any time you like!