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If you would like to move your Discussion Lists from one Dreamhost account to another Dreamhost account you will want to follow the directions below.

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First of all, moving Discussion Lists is part of Moving a domain from one account to another, this particular part of the moving process requires Dreamhost support staff assistance. To begin you will want to first make sure that the "Receiving account" will not have any problems adding the domain by assuring that it is not on an active promo plan or has a listed referrer which will block the domain from being added to the new account. If you are uncertain about this please contact support to have them check to see if you will having any issues adding a particular domain to an account.

1.) Please have the Owner of the "Receiving account" contact Support from the email address they signed up from and declare that they approve the transfer of the Domain/Announcement List(s) to their account. This will give us the okay to move the domain to their account and will help speed up this process. If they do not contact us we will send them a request asking if it is ok to move the domain to their account which they simply need to reply saying they approve to continue this transfer.

2.) [Important] You will then need to contact Support from the "Losing account" to have them run a script that will make an emergency backup of the list. Once the domain is deleted, the chance is gone. When support has finished and made your backup they will contact you to let you know that you can proceed with the move.

3.) When you are ready to do the move (backed up all email and information) you will need to delete the domain from the "Losing account".

4.) After 10-30 minutes you will add the domain to the "Receiving account", go ahead and re-setup the emails and website files, then recreate all of the Discussion Lists, named exactly as they were before on the domain that they were setup on.

Please Note: Being that the Discussion Lists service is stored on a different server then the domain service you may notice that your access to some Discussion Lists will be restored simply by re-adding the list to the "Receiving account". If your access has been restored to all of your Discussion Lists then you will not need to go onto the next step.""

5. After you have created the Discussion Lists on the "Receiving account" you will want to contact support and ask them to migrate the Discussion Lists service from the "Losing account" to the "Receiving account" you will want to include the following information when requesting this assistance

  • "Losing account" (Old Account)
  • "Receiving account" (New Account)
  • Confirm that you already have added the domain & Discussion Lists to the new account

6.) Once the Support staff has received your request they will contact an admin to run a script that will re-attach your newly added domain and list to their old existing list that had been setup previously on the old Dreamhost account. Once that is run that is all that needs to be done and your Discussion Lists are now fully transferred.