How to Upgrade a One-Click Install

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Upgrading a Custom Application

Note: Applications using the Simple install method are automatically upgraded.

Log into your DreamHost panel > Goodies menu > One-Click Installs > and click "Manage Installed Applications."

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The Domain bar shows the number of installed applications for each domain and the number of upgrades available. Click on the Domain bar to expand it. This shows the action buttons. Click the Upgrade button.

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Please note that for Simple installed One-Click applications
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You do not have to upgrade your app since we will take care of this for you.

Click the Upgrade button. Your existing site will be copied to a new folder so that you will have a backup. Click Ok.

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After you click Ok you will see a progress indicator and once it is complete, a Success! message.

Oci upgrade 5.png

After successfully upgrading your application, the "Needed Upgrades" reflects the new status.

Oci upgrade 6.png

That is how you upgrade your One-Click Custom Installation

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