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JasonR: Someone should probably do a cut and paste of or a redirect. But I didn't want to be so bold as to do that myself.

Scjessey: It isn't quite as simple as that. There are many links that would have to be altered or removed, so a straightforward cut and paste won't work.

JasonR: I was more worried about Copywrite, but it's under GNU, so that was unfounded.. I may take a stab at it at some point, as I think it would help participation Immensely.

Scjessey: I thought about doing it, but I'm a bit busy at the moment. It is definitely a good idea.

JasonR: What about a Redirect? (can it be done with "remote" links?)

Scjessey: A redirect could be done, but I think the copy/paste thing is working out for the better.

JasonR: I Figured you were working on the big table, so I thought I'd throw in the bottom sections for you.

Scjessey: I didn't get around to finishing this. Images aren't done yet, for example. I noticed that some functionality is disabled, or not working properly. This wiki is the first I've worked with in anger, so I was hoping that others would pick up the ball a bit.