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The Prize

The DreamHost Site of the Month (DHSOTM) contest was created in November of 1998 (same time as the newsletter) to honor those sites among the ones we host that stand out. We honor them by mentioning them in the newsletter and allowing them to put this swanky award on their site:


Check them all out, and be impressed!

2009 Winners

  • February Swell 3D Photography, artwork, animation, and movies in 3D anaglyph. If you don't have 3D glasses, the site tells you how to get them for free.
  • January Logo Instant Download Free Web 2.0 logo designs. PSD Source file is included.

2008 Winners

  • December You Get Signal A collection of uncomplicated, powerful network tools.
  • November River Alliance of Wisconsin The website for Wisconsin's only state-wide river advocacy group dedicated to the restoration and protection of Wisconsin's flowing waters.
  • October Old Book Art Free Illustrations: Pictures, Drawings, Maps and Other Images Scanned From Antiquarian, Public-Domain Books and Other Old Documents. Over 2,800 images in the Gallery with more added regularly, all at no cost and most available at very high resolution.
  • September Tonya Moore Homepage of Creative Writing Enthusiast, Tonya R. Moore.
  • August Chris Streeter My personal site. On it is a blog, flickr feed and a description of my travels. The travel page is what I spend most of my time on, and the main reason I created the site.
  • July Whitney and Christopher A wedding website for my upcoming wedding! I had wanted to go all Web2.0, but my fiance wasn't interested in sharing our experiences with the world, so it's a pretty static experience.
  • June Sandpixel Creative Print & Digital Media Design
  • May Inkblot Creative Graphic services & design boutique
  • April Daniel Ptiner Flash-enabled personal portfolio site
  • March CSS Mania The biggest CSS Showcase all over the globe since 2003.
  • February Scarlett Vision Media Marketing / Interactive Media Firm
  • January Free Minders 200 & More Free Wordpress Themes Gallery

2007 Winners

  • December Krabi Divers The premier dive shop in Krabi; offers internationally certified dive courses and trips, liveaboards and charters in some of the best dive sites in the world.
  • November Squawk Design Squawk is the portfolio and weblog of Dominik Lenk, a graphic arts student and freelancer based in Southampton, England.
  • October Heather Christo Dedicated to bringing back the ideals of classic entertaining - as long as it’s focused on fabulous food!
  • September YouPhood For those who love food!
  • August GillBaby Neat little blog written by my unborn son...
  • July BarkHuff Travel-log and personal site for my wife and me.
  • June HorseGirlTV A free bi-monthly show covering everything from grooming for an Olympic rider, breaking into reining, and the physical training of the equestrian. Tune in. Tack up.
  • May HyperComboFinish Weekly pixel art webcomics generally dealing with videogames.
  • April PalaDream Studios Startup based in Singapore dealing with technology, design and creative content.
  • March MasonrySpecialistsInc A Northern California Mason's Web site.
  • February StolenPixel Photoblog capturing wildlife, landscapes and urban life of the Sunshine Coast, Australia.
  • January LifeShots Portfolio of UK photographer Martin Amis.

2006 Winners

  • December Expansion Broadcast: Drum & Bass Radio Broadcasting live each and every Friday, 7:00 to 11:00 PM EST live from Washington, DC hosted by IllEffect & Shade.
  • November The Darfur Wall 400,000 dark numbers cover The Darfur Wall, one for each person killed in the Darfur genocide. Each $1 donation lights a number and supports peace in Darfur.
  • October FWDitON.com Read, Rate and Share the funniest email forwards! Recently redesigned, added features and removed ads due to recent suggestions.
  • September Santa's Helpers Non-profit oranization soliciting volunteers and donations to help kids at Christmastime.
  • August Eldoras - the lipsync videos database A browsable, searchable database of videos with people having fun at the best rhymes. It's built for one reason: good mood :)
  • July sircle.net art + design
  • June suffocate us : photoblog random, experimental and abstract photoblog
  • May Georgia Podcast Network Georgia's best podcasts in one place.
  • April LyricWiki.org Free lyrics.. no banners. Hope you like it :)
  • March 360 Uploads 360 Uploads is a Site wich lets you host up to 125mb Media Files. You can also watch movies, comment them, vote them and find people to help with your movies.
  • February Louis Pang Photograph Wedding Photojournalist - Louis Pang.
  • January Moron Life - Sketch Comedy A no-budget sketch comedy show produced in San Jose, CA. We like doing what we do, hopefully you'll like it too.

2005 Winners

  • December Shiffle Algorithmic artworks and teaching materials.
  • November Ads of the World Celebrating excellence in advertising. Have fun!
  • October The Zephyr Syndicate The Zephyr Syndicate is a high-end motion graphics development house based out of Chicago.
  • September Damn Interesting A collection of damn interesting things. The design is intended to be simple and non-distracting. It's about the *content*. Check out the interface details... menus, comment form, etc.
  • August Last Cut Video Wedding, corporate, and family memory videographer located in California.
  • July Lucuella Photography Luis Cuellar's Portafolio
  • June Glimpses Photography Glimpses - Photography by Melissa Hendricks
  • May Great Writing A creative writing community where screenwriters, short-fiction authors and poets can publish work for critique by their peers. The community is supported with feature content including interviews with leading authors.
  • April Gurus Network The Gurus Network is a collaborative effort, designed and produced by a free-flowing bunch of people over the years, come by and get involved your ownself.Communal help in all things related to web production.
  • March Abode Flash site for interior designer, Fern Santini.
  • February IGTOA International Galapagos Tour Operators Association
  • January Wikipes Launched January 1st, 2005. A recipe database site using wiki technology so everyone can contribute and share recipes. After all, who doesn't like food and drinks?

2004 Winners

  • December American Ritual Photographs by Elizabeth + Richard Buckman.
  • November Subject Matter Gallery Artist Gallery/Clothing Boutique
  • October gdbdp (Graphic Design By Dan Perkins) Flash graphic design portfolio.
  • September Grey Flight Records Grant Quick, Zach Lowery, and Lucas Cambra join forces to put out some of the best music out there. Based in Huntington Beach, CA Grey Flight is over 2 years old and has nearly 8 releases under our belt. We plan on doing everything for the fans, and if there's anything you want to know, just ask us! Welcome to the experience known as Grey Flight.
  • August scottberks.com The design portfolio of a Chicago based web/print/multimedia designer.
  • July dtwang.net Personal site and blog with graphics and design portfolio. blog mostly concentrated towards opinions and news in the technology and gaming industries.
  • June Amy and PJ A wedding celebration extravaganza!
  • May Jimi Robinson Photography, FineArt and Design...
  • April Atom Driven One-man web development
  • March my portfolio this site was created as my graduation project.
  • February era//404 Creative Group A new era in design, development and marketing.
  • January Formworks Studio functional artwork and sculpture

2003 Winners

2002 Winners

  • December Josh Book Artist/Animator This is my art and animation portfolio, with projects from movies, tv, games, and the web.
  • November Jonathan Postal Photography This innovative high concept web site was designed by Jennifer Little of Point of Departure Photography and Design for professional photographer Jonathan Postal. The site consists of entirely of photo-realistic elements.
  • October Girl With Asipirin What happens when two girls get laid off, go to movies, listen to music, watch people and write about it all.
  • September Loose Moose Top UK Animators (Brisk, Peperami) Return with a new flashed out site.
  • August Piatto Doppio Piatto Doppio is an event planning and catering business. Beautifull and life-like flash animations and music make this site uinique in it's use of color and design.
  • July Luc Latulippe I'm a professional illustrator, used to be an animator. This is my online portfolio.
  • June 2 AM Photography Night Photography
  • May Beaver Township Fire & Rescue Home of Beaver Township Fire Department Online - located in North Lima, OH.
  • April Eyenetics The official web site of the late Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes.
  • March Plan-B Toys There's Always Plan-B! Producers of the 6 inch modern military action figures - Special Forces.
  • February Pink is Good A personal site with a journal, animations, and a little info on Toronto.
  • January Fuzzy Groove music : activism : art : design : philosophy

2001 Winners

  • November P11 Fun Haus The p11funhaus is an ongoing experimental project brought to you by the twisted minds at p11creative, an award winning interactive and print design studio. To find out more about their capabilities, visit their website at www.p11.com.
  • December Linda Book's World of Music for Kids! A fun site of kid's music that your children will love. Features free songs, music videos, and fun stuff.
  • October maestas [portfolio] "an online portfolio of photographic endeavors"
  • September Bookartoons "Animated commercial and music video production and creative development. Check it out!"
  • August Girl "just some english bird with a site."
  • July You Grow Girl Secrets of the plant kingdom revealed. If gardening really is the new rock’n’roll, then Yougrowgirl.com is "indie rock". With experiments, humour, art and interactivity, You Grow Girl sets itself apart from the traditional bumper crop of flat, impersonal commercial gardening websites.
  • June The Lioness Den Consumer Kim, the girl next door, is running amok throughout America. Read her daily column, "Life and Stuff", and her weekly reviews of...stuff. Mostly snacks. Actually, all but like three of them are snacks.
  • May Two-Headed Tales Two-Headed Tales is a weekly online comic strip featuring a bizarre historical perspective.
  • April Westcoast Worldwide Records Record label home to some of the biggest acts in California Hardcore.
  • March Marcus Maidment Canadian Indie Artist.
  • February Geffen Playhouse Where theater lives in L.A.
  • January tmeimarides {dot} cx a personal showcase of one student's photography, art, and design work.

2000 Winners

  • December Giant Robot Magazine Giant Robot magazine is the Asian Pop Culture source. We're in print and have an online version. We're a webstore, a message board, and more. If you're into anime, Kung Fu films, history, culture, food, art, and comics, that's us.
  • November In Passing... A running list of things overheard in passing.
  • October A-Hall Design - Flash/Database/Webdesign I've recreated the best known OS in the PC world, yet this version works on a Mac too! Go on, give it a go - You'll be impressed - previous comments include "The office members jaws dropped" Cheers, ASH www.a-hall.com.
  • September Final.nu Typography and Graphic Design Experimental Test Plant.
  • August Factor Software - Shareware for the Mac Shareware games and utilities for the Macintosh and Mac OS.
  • July muserna.org Non-website for ages 18-78 containing fun and dumb stuff. Non-narrative presentation by the Moderna Museet Organzation temporarily located in Hong kong.
  • June The Jay David Web Page Explosion My design portfolio, typefaces, and other things. XPL means bizness! Step inside my Hyundai.
  • May Abandon.org it's about being human.
  • April The Mostly Ruthless Destruction of the 1981 Dodge Omni Five friends destroy a 1981 Dodge Omni hatchback over the course of two days in suburban Pymouth, Massachusetts.
  • March Vomitoxin Be afraid... be very afraid.
  • February Vegas the Cat Photo exposition on an unusual cat.
  • January never-ever.net personal site framed by interactive user site -- nevercards (never-ever.net/nevercards/), neverboard (never-ever.net/theboard/), nevermail (never-ever.net/yourmail/), etc. original design and content, kinda.. hand drawn.

1999 Winners

  • December www.wecandesign.com Paradyme Multimedia's own Flash 4 based website. Come check it out, it's loaded with animations and beautiful photographs. I'ts well worth your attention.
  • November Silly Cat Comix! Silly Cat Comix are the ONLY Comix to provide FUN and SAFETY! Read 'em Outloud!
  • October Dumb Laws Now you can get all your dumb law jonesin' fulfilled in one place, organized by country, state, and city, conveniently accessible through your web browser!
  • September Fama Comics There's a ton of wonderful stuff to go through here, including sketches, comics, llustrations, and even his little daughter's sketchbook!
  • August Adios Barbie This site is more than just a shop, it is "a body image site for _every_ body" and offers various resources on the topic.
  • July WAVE A group that has the purpose of supporting women in the visual arts. Check out the exhibits, there's some nice stuff there!
  • June the Cove Dweller Everything you ever wanted in a personal site (including little pages about their friends!) all wrapped up in a beautiful and easily-navigatable interface!
  • May Gecko Links Your source for Gecko-related info on the web.
  • April Bloop.org They wrote a bloody good reason why they should win!
  • March Time and Weather A site that allows you to cut and paste a little bit of html code onto your home page which will run a Java applet to provide the current time AND weather conditions for any of over 140 countries and/or the US states!
  • February Fuel Fonts They designed the DHSOTM logo!
  • January Woofer XP Make sure you have your sound on as well as a nice 4.0 browser to view this one!

1998 Winners

  • December Venezuelan Skies The official homepage of the band "Venezuelan Skies" They've even got a Spanish version.
  • November Icepick.com "Cool and to the point" this site is a shining example of the sort of useful innovation brought about by the web, innovation impossible only a short five years ago.