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Control Panel
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Main Menu

To log into your DreamHost panel:

DreamHost panel

Upon log in, there are a series of menus on the left-hand side as well as two horizontal navigational bars at the top right and the Account Status link, which expands to reveal some key information about your account.


Vertical Menus

Describing the menus from top to bottom...

Toolbox Menu


The Toolbox menu is a shortcut menu containing menu items also found elsewhere. By default it includes:

It's customizable. You can drag and drop menu items on and off the Toolbox menu.

Main Menu


This menu includes 11 submenus with links to the majority of stuff that you'll want to access via your panel. The menus can be collapsed and expanded.

DreamHost Menu


DreamHost-related stuff, mostly, sort of. Includes the following menu items:

This is the control center of your DreamHost account. From here you can configure literally any aspect of your account in no time at all!
cPanel Importer
Used for migrating all your data, FTP users, databases, and email addresses from your previous host to us.

CPanel Importer

The rewards program is a way to receive credit for referring customers to DreamHost. See the Rewards page from the wiki for details.
Also from the DreamHost site:
Hosting Rewards
Web Panel API
The DreamHost Application Programming Interface (API) functions and key generator. More info:
Application programming interface
Backup Your Account
An easy way to generate a complete account backup.
Site Of The Month
Each month, one happy, lucky DreamHost customer gets their site anointed the SOTM (Site of the Month!).


Green Hosting
We've provided some HTML and images for green hosting. We're carbon neutral. Link:
We're Green
The DreamHost Shop
All sorts of varieties of shirts, mugs, bags, coasters, and mouse pads with a DreamHost theme.
Make a suggestion and vote on suggestions for improving DreamHost.
Donations (To You!)
Your site can accept hosting donations. Just fill out the form to generate HTML code to paste into your website that allows any site visitor to make a donation via PayPal towards your bill with us (donations may not be cashed out)!
Partner Offers
Just a couple of partner offers.
Give to Charity
Every three months, DreamHost will pick a new worthy charity to which we will facilitate giving and you can donate.
Panel Link:
Give to Charity

Domains Menu


Includes the following hosting- and registration-related functions:

Manage Domains
View and modify the hosting configuration of any of the domains on your DreamHost account.
Wiki Link:
Domains Control Panel
Register new domains, renew existing domains, even set your domain names to expire.
Reg. Transfer
Transfer the domain name registration of a domain to us or away from DreamHost.
Secure Hosting
Add a secure hosting and a secure certificate.
Remap Sub-Dir
Remap a fully hosted URL to another directory.
Anonymous FTP
Anonymous FTP is an FTP site to which anyone can log in and transfer files. A password is not required. Wiki link:
Anonymous FTP
Mongrel and Proxy
This feature is only available for DreamHost VPS. From here you can create Mongrel application server to host your Ruby web applications, including Ruby on Rails. When you create a Mongrel server, an appropriate proxy server is automatically created and configured for you.

Mail Menu


Includes the following email-related functions:

Manage Email
Create, edit, or delete any email addresses hosted on your DreamHost account.
Edit settings for WebMail and access email via the web.
Custom MX / Gmail
Manage the MX records for mail.
Announce Lists
Announcement lists are one-way email tools that enable you to send a single message to hundreds or even thousands of subscribers.
Enable and edit settings for junk mail filtering.
Discussion Lists
Discussion lists are collaborative email tools that enable you to send a single message to hundreds or even thousands of subscribers.
Message Filters
Mail filters allow you to sort your mail based on criteria that you specify.
Configure your account to immediately send an automatic response to all messages sent to any of your email addresses. Keep in mind that only one message per day, per sender will be sent.

Goodies Menu


MySQL Databases
Manage your MySQL databases. Includes such tasks as adding a hostname, accessing phpMyAdmin, creating a new database, and others.
One-Click Installs
Install and manage one-click applications.
Subversion is a "version control system" to help you manage projects ("repositories") with many files and/or contributors.
Cron Jobs
Cron is a way of performing scheduled tasks on UNIX systems. Each entry in a user's "crontab" file is called a "cronjob." Our interface allows you to manage your cronjobs without having to get your eyes dirty. It also co-exists well with cronjobs you may have created by hand.
Amazon CloudFront
Upload (static) files to Amazon's S3 service, then activate CloudFront to have Amazon serve it from dozens of data centers across the planet, resulting in incredible performance no matter where in the world your content is accessed from.
Flash Media
The media player can only play Flash-compatible videos, which is why we've provided the handy-dandy tool, which can convert most common video formats into a format Flash can deal with. It's powered by the free FFmpeg video conversion tool, and uses the X264 encoder library for high-quality H264 encoding.
Please visit for the full details.
Media Streaming
DreamHost currently supports streaming of QuickTime 7 via Darwin Streaming Server ( version 5.5. Wiki link:
Streaming (QuickTime)
Jabber IM
Jabber is an open-source instant messaging platform that uses open, XML-based protocols to create the standard functionality people expect of an IM system: one-to-one chat, multi-user chat, the ability to subscribe to someone else's presence, and so on. The great thing about Jabber on DreamHost is that you can host your OWN Jabber chat server on your domain.
Password Protection and Publishing Power
Restrict access to any of your domains through the use of an .htaccess file. You can use this web interface to create usernames and passwords for your friends and associates to access password-protected sections of your websites. You can even use an .htaccess file to help prevent hotlinking of your website files by outside parties.
Block Spiders
Enable and edit settings to block search engine spiders.
Google AdWords
Google AdWords credit if you qualify.
Chartbeat Analytics
Add Chartbeat analytics for your site.

Users Menu


Manage Users
Account Privileges
Provide limited access to your account to another person.
Account Privileges
Backups User
A feature that can be used as an off-site backup for your personal files.
Ceph Object Storage
Ceph File Storage
Unix Groups
Groups are used for sharing files on Unix systems (and that's all!).

Status Menu


Site Statistics
Add a stats user and configure reports.
Statistics Overview
Accessing Stats
Making stats accessible with htaccess
Bandwidth Usage
Stats on bandwidth usage by domain.
Disk Usage
Disk usage by user, fully hosted domain, email address, database, and discussion list.
MySQL Usage
Status for MySQL Usage by database, disk usage, connects, queries, and conueries.

VPS Menu


Manage Resources
Displays the graphs for VPS resource usage.
Enable VPS Service
Add a VPS to your hosting.
Configure Server
Here you can manage some of the settings for your server to make it fit you just so.
Reboot Server
You have the ability to reboot your own VPS.
Manage Admin Users
An Admin User is given full root access to the VPS via the "sudo" command.
SSH Keys
SSH keys can be used for passwordless access to your VPS.

Files Forever Menu


How It Works
With Files Forever, every file you upload is stored by us forever, with no recurring cost!
Wiki Link:
Files Forever Panel
My Files
Lists files stored at Files Forever.
Billing History
Displays Files Forever billing history.
Upload Files
Once you've uploaded your files to your DreamHost-hosted directory, use this section of the panel to scan the directory and import your files into the Files Forever system.

Billing Menu


Manage Account
Your account information in a nutshell.
Make Payment
Add or change the details of your payment method.
View Invoices
Print or view invoices. See the complete record of charges and credits. Change the number of months to view.
Account List
Lists the accounts you have access to.
Change your password and security question.

Support Menu


Contact Support
Submit a support request to DreamHost Technical Support.
Support History
View your support history.
Account Tests
View errors, warnings, and notices that our system has already detected.

Active Account


This displays accounts/subaccounts that you have access to and allows you to toggle between them. Note: Only visible if you have access to more than one account. For example:

  • Harpo's Account*
  • Grouchos's Account*
  • Some Other Clown

*owned by you.

Horizontal Menus


First Row

System Status

Our Blog

Support Wiki


Second Row

Discussion forum

Edit Profile

This is where you can change the contact details for your account.


Close the session/logout of the panel.

Account Status


The Account Status link expands to reveal the following:

  • Account: Account Name and Account Number
  • Hosting Plan: Hosting Plan and Payment Increment Option (i.e., one year or two)
  • Domains Hosted: Number of domains and subdomains hosted.
  • Next Rebill Date: When you will be invoiced.
  • Disk Usage: The amount of disk space used.
  • Bandwidth Usage: The amount of bandwidth used.
  • Email Accounts: Number of email address for all domains.
  • FTP Account: Number of users (all types, FTP, SFTP and Shell) for all domains.
  • Your File Servers: The name of your file servers.
  • Your Web Server: The name of your web server.
  • Your Email Server: The name of your email server.
  • Your MySQL Server: The name of your MySQL server.
  • Your Announcements: Link to subscribe to RSS updates for DreamHosts.

Search Box


Search while logged into your panel.

Chat Live button (if available)


Spawns a live chat session with technical support, if live chat is available.

NOTE: Current as of December 2010
Control Panel Screenshot