Changing billing info

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Header billing.png

The Billing info shows ownership of the account and will allow who ever is in it to recieve support for their account. You will need to make sure that you enter in the email address of who ever you want to be able to receive support for your account.

To change your Billing Info you will need to login to your WebPanel and click on the Edit Profile in the upper right corner

Billinginfo 01.png

In the first section you will see your Primary Contact info, this is the Owner of the account and who we will contact if we need to contact someone about this account.

Billinginfo 02.png

In the 2nd section you are able to add additional emails where you can select what account related emails you would like them to get. This is useful if you have a person that handles billing and you would rather they not be bothered with registration information,newsletters, etc.

Billinginfo 03.png

Please make sure that you keep your contact email upto date so that you can receive important account information.