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can the newsletters be renamed so that they appear in actual chronological order?

For example, the oct, nov, and dec newletters (Vx.10, Vx.11, Vx.12) appear between the jan and feb newletters (Vx.1 and Vx.2) for any given year.

PLEASE put a link to this very useful page on the Main Page!! I could find newsletters doing a fulltext search but the "What links here" tab said that nothing links to any newsletter. What's the point of putting pages on the site if people can't get to them? I thought you guys were totally deranged until I found this category page by accident.

Mom wants a copy too

Q: Dear old Mom (who's paying for all this) thinks the newsletter is funny and wants a monthly copy too.

A: You can add dear Mom as a secondary contact, just check the "newsletters" box there.

(Please put the above on Category:Newsletter Archive as we can't. Jidanni 04:34, 12 January 2008 (PST))