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Here you will find answers to why something just isn't working. This is our outages weblog.

Not sure how to create a subcategory for this so feel free to edit (and create a topic on how to create subcategories on MediaWiki while you are at it).

I ran across a problem with directory access via http and https. I had set permissions on the directory to 755 I had cleared the .htaccess settings Yet I could not access the directory other than through SSH

Turns out I had Subversion (SVN) enabled and had that directory set up as a repository

So if you have directory access problems with a website directory check the following:

  1. Do you have the directory permissions set to 755 (or whatever is appropriate for your application)?
  2. Are your .httaccess settings including usernames and passwords correct (you can set this from the Dreamhost control panel now)?
  3. Is Subversion, or some other application, already using that directory and blocking access?

Hope this saves someone some time in the future.

Max L.