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One Click Installs

Here at DreamHost we know that programs can be difficult and time-consuming to install. Therefore, we have built a great new feature into our Web Panel called "One-Click Installs".

All you have to do is search the One-Click Install catalog and select the application you would like us to install, and the location where you would like it installed. Then, simply wait for the installation to finish. You can access the One-Click Installs on the WebPanel in the "Goodies" section, or through this link: One-Click Installs. For One-Click Installs in Simple mode (formerly Easy mode), you should be aware that:

  1. robots.txt blocks all crawlers, so these pages will never be indexed
  2. You don't have access to the raw Apache logs

If you want these features, install the One-Click Install using the Custom Installation (formerly Advanced mode).

The One-Click Install catalog is a open submission system. This means that any developer can make their application a One-Click Install which will then be available to our entire customer base.

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