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As you may have access to manage more than one sub-account under your WebID you can select which account you want to control under the "Active Account" section. It is located in lower left corner of your WebPanel and can be identified by its green color.

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If you do not have this option under the WebPanel, you only have access to the account that you are logged into.

In this example, there are two accounts which may be selected. An asterisk is used to specify the default account.

  • Javier's Account*
  • Def Dee

Simply click on an account name to see the the domains available.

Accountpicker 2.jpg

If you would like to give someone access to your account to help you out, you may do this through the "Account Privileges" option in the Users section of the WebPanel.

Note: If you login and notice that your domains and services are not available, verify that you are using the correct account, as the one you have selected may not have sufficient access to those areas of the WebPanel.