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The old DreamHost Knowledge Base (KBase) has been decommissioned. Its content is now integrated into the DreamHost wiki at Category:Knowledge Base.

The DreamHost Knowledge Base was the predecessor to the DreamHost wiki; the pages were copied over to the wiki in January 2006, and so far have been partly wikified, meaning “integrated into the wiki”. The below “sub-articles” pages have not been wikified, and the Knowledge Base is archived at: Knowledge Base archive.


What is DreamHost?

DreamHost is the foundation for a lot of what we do here. Why? Because it is what pays the bills.

Of course, we wouldn't be able to compete in the cut-throat world of web hosting unless we were, well, competitive! And we are, with superb customer service, great pricing plans, unbeatable features, unsurpassed site performance, and rock-solid security and stability.

So please, join our hosting community and see how we can help you "host your dreams" today!