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WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) and blogging tool. It can be used to create websites as well as personal blogs.

For further information on what WordPress is and what you are able to do with it, please visit WordPress's website at:

How to install

Installing DreamPress

DreamHost offers a customized WordPress managed hosting, called DreamPress. It's perfect for middle-of-the-road users who need more performance than Shared hosting, but are not ready to upgrade to a VPS to personally manage their server and website.

You can read more about this upgraded service here:

Using One-Click Install

To install Wordpress at DreamHost, log into your panel and go to the goodies section at (Panel > ‘Goodies’ > ‘One-Click Installs’):

01 Wordpress one-click install page.fw.png

Installing before you point your DNS to DreamHost

It's possible to set up your WordPress site before pointing your DNS to DreamHost. This setup requires that you create a dreamhosters.com subdomain. For example, if your site is named domain.com, you can add a new domain in your panel named domain.dreamhosters.com. This new site is used to access your official site before you point your DNS.

Below are the required steps to set this up:

  1. Add your primary domain to the panel on the (Panel > ‘Domains’ > ‘Manage Domains’) page.
  2. On the same page, add your dreamhosters.com subdomain to the panel.
    In the screenshot below, your dreamhosters.com subdomain would be domain.dreamhosters.com. This is setup to MIRROR your actual website on our servers named domain.com. Visit the MIRROR wiki for further details on how to configure this:
    Mirror DNS
  3. Create a mysql hostname for this new dreamhosters.com domain in the panel at (Panel > ‘Goodies’ > ‘MySQL Databases’)
  4. Click the Add New Hostname button to create the hostname. It should be named something like mysql.domain.dreamhosters.com.
    Wordpress Add new Hostname.png
  5. Click the blue button Create this MySQL hostname now! to save.
  6. Using FTP, upload the contents of your primary website to our servers. Visit our FTP wiki for further details on how to upload:
  7. Once uploaded, edit your wp-config.php file.
    You'll see this line within the file:
    define('DB_HOST', 'mysql.yourdomain.com');
    • This will cause your site not to load since it will be attempting to connect to an external database.
  8. Change the hostname to your dreamhosters.com URL:
    define('DB_HOST', 'mysql.domain.dreamhosters.com');
  9. Upload your database to your DreamHost account in your panel at (Panel > ‘Goodies’ > ‘MySQL Databases’). Visit the following wiki for more information on how to import your database:
  10. Once uploaded, you must now update the HOME and SITE URL in your database. Log into your phpMyAdmin interface on the same MySQL Database page.
    • You must use the mysql.domain.dreamhosters.com hostname you just created in order to log into your database.
  11. Once logged in, click your database name on the left.
    When you click on the database, a list of your database tables opens:
    Wordpress database tables.png
  12. Click on your database table named wp_options. You may notice you have a different table prefix. In this example, the table prefix is wp_92tnyu_.
    Wordpress Browse Tab.png
  13. Click the Browse tab on the top left.
    When you click the browse tab, the 'siteurl' and 'home' fields display.
    Wordpress HOMESITE URL.png
  14. Edit these fields and change them to your new dreamhosters.com URL.

You can now visit the mirrored dreamhosters.com site you created to view the contents of the primary site you have uploaded to the DreamHost servers.

Modifying Upgrade Actions

By default, one-click installations are set to upgrade WordPress automatically with each major update. You will receive an email notification once an upgrade has been completed.

To change the default upgrade action for your domain, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to (Panel > ‘Goodies’ > ‘One-Click Installs’)) in the panel.
    The One-Click Installs page opens.
    02 Wordpress one-click page.fw.png
  2. Click the Manage Installed Applications button to view your one-click applications.
    A page appears that lists your domains with installed applications:
    03 Wordpress one-click updates.fw.png
  3. Beneath the Upgrade Action column, click on the edit link.
    You’ll see the following options:
    04 one-click upgrade actions.fw.png
  4. Make a selection from the following choices:
    • No action: No one-click upgrades will be performed by DreamHost for this domain.
    • Notify me: Only alerts you via email once a major revision update is available. No update is performed.
    • Upgrade automatically: Upgrades the site and emails you automatically.
    • Upgrade without notification: Upgrades the site but doesn’t email you.

Manual One-Click Upgrading

If an upgrade becomes available for your site and it hasn’t been performed yet, you will see a "1" in the Updates Needed column:

05 Wordpress Upgrades Available.fw.png
  • Below the Actions column, you can click on the Upgrade to X.X action to upgrade your site.
  • In this example, the upgrade action says Upgrade to 4.1 .
  • When you click on the upgrade button, you will receive an email notification once the upgrade for your site is completed.

WordPress Automatic Updates

As of version 3.7, WordPress now features Automatic Updates. These are for minor revision updates only (for example, 4.1 to 4.1.1) .

DreamHost strongly recommends that you allow these updates to occur automatically as they usually include important security updates or bugfixes.

You can read more about this feature as well as how to disable it via the following link:

Fixing the WordPress Version Mismatch

If you have already upgraded your site via the WordPress dashboard or some other method, the WordPress version listed in your web panel may be incorrect.

To fix the mismatch, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the One-Click Installs page:
    06 Wordpress one-click other actions.fw.png
  2. Click the Sync version button to the far right of your domain.
    When you click the Sync version button, the following confirmation screen appears:
    07 Wordpress one-click resync.fw.png
  3. Click the OK button.
  • You will receive an email once the process is complete.
  • If there is an error with the version sync process or it states that your WordPress installation is a different version than what you believe you have installed, contact support as there may be an issue with your WordPress One-Click configuration.


After you install and setup WordPress, you can then import external content. You can do this by logging into your WordPress site and going to ‘Tools’ > ‘Import’.

Importing Content may require additional plugins depending from which platform you're importing.

Moving A WordPress Installation

If you already have a WordPress installation running on another host and you want to move it to DreamHost, please review the following wiki:

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