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ZenPhoto has integrated Windows XP’s Publishing Wizard and Windows Vista’s Order Prints Wizard feature which allows you to upload your photos directly from your computer using a windows interface. This is very useful if you have a lot of photos to upload, and is far and away faster, easier, and more convenient than having to manually re-size and then upload photos through the ZenPhoto Web interface, individually or packaged into .ZIP files (staying within the PHP Max Upload Size restrictions, etc.)!

One-Time Installation

  1. To start, you’ll just need to download a small registry file which will tell your computer which website to upload your photos to:
    • Windows XP — Go to your ZenPhoto website and load the xp_publish.php page (’t click this! Substitute your ZenPhoto domain or subdomain for “”!).
    • Windows Vista — Go to your ZenPhoto website and load the vista_publish.php page (’t click this! Substitute your ZenPhoto domain or subdomain for “”!).
    In either case, you’ll then see a page like this:
    (The Vista version will show “Vista” instead of “XP,” of course, but other wise will be the same.)
  2. Click to download the .REGistry file (which is very small and will finish downloading almost immediately even on dial-up). If your Web browser gives you the option to Open it directly instead of having to Save As…, go ahead and choose to Open. Otherwise, save it anywhere (Desktop will do), then launch it as you would anything else.
  3. Once you Open or Save As… then launch it, you’ll get a confirmation popup asking you if you’re sure you want to add its information into the registry. Click “Yes.”

That’s it! Your computer is now ready to publish photos to your ZenPhoto domain/subdomain! No need to reboot!

To Publish Photos via Windows XP Publishing Wizard

  1. From Windows (not Internet!) Explorer, go to any photo or folder that contains photos. Select it by clicking once. Once you have selected your photo(s) or folder, you’ll notice that Windows has given you an option to “Publish it to the Web.” Select it.
  2. You’ll see a Welcome screen. Click “Next.”
  3. You’ll see a window were you can un-select the image(s) you would not like to upload. You do so by un-checking the box(es) in the upper right corner(s) of the thumbnails of the image(s) that is/are to be skipped.
  4. Select the site you’d like to have your photos uploaded to (if you don’t see it here, go back to the “One-Time Installation” section above). Click “Next” once you are done.
  5. Login using your ZenPhoto login, then click on “Next.”
  6. Select an album in which to publish the photos you’re uploading. You may publish them to an existing album you already have, or you may create a new album. Click “Next” once you’re done.
  7. Windows Publish will then ask if you would like to have the photos automatically re-sized for you. If so, choose one of three basic size options. This is the final step before your photos will start to upload, so click “Next” once you’re done or “Back” if you need to make any corrections (last chance!).
  8. Once your upload is done, Windows will notify you via a pop-up window. You may view your updated ZenPhoto gallery, or just close the pop-up.

To “Print” Photos via Windows Vista Order Prints Wizard

(Sorry, no screen shots here. If anyone wishes to add such, please do, then remove this paragraph!)

  1. Launch “Windows Photo Gallery” (may also work with Windows Live Photo Gallery).
  2. Select the desired photo(s) to upload.
  3. Click “Print.”
    (Yes, “Print” — Microsoft intended this wizard to be used with online professional photo printing services — not so intuitive a command name for publishing to an online photo gallery, but it works the same way. Think of it as “printing” to a ZenPhoto gallery.)
  4. Choose “Online Printing” (as opposed to Local Printing).
  5. Your ZenPhoto installation should appear as an available online printing service. Select it.
  6. Follow the instructions in the wizard.

Voila! You’re done! Pretty easy, huh?