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Setting Up Windows Live Mail Desktop Client

  • Open the Windows Live Mail client.
  • From the Main menu [Right hand side] Select Add an e-mail account:

Wlm newaccount.PNG

  • On the Wizard that Appears fill all information accordingly.
    • Email Address: The email you are configuring
    • Password: Self explanatory, check 'Remember Password' if you so desire.
    • The name of the user for this account; you can type anything you want here.
    • Make sure you check Manually configure server settings for e-mail account? and click Next.

Wlm new acc wizard.PNG

  • Choose either IMAP or POP from the drop down menu. Both incoming and outgoing servers are mail. followed by your domain name.
    • Port 143 for Incoming and Port 25 for Outgoing. Sometimes port 25 is blocked by your ISP, if the account does not work when sending email use port 587 for Outgoing. Read at the bottom for information on changing the ports.
    • On Login ID make sure you type your full email address.
    • Check both This server requires a secure connection (SSL) and My outgoing server requires authentication at the bottom of the wizard. Click Next

Wlm imap settings.PNG

  • After clicking Finish it will add the account and then check the server and download any email you have.

Wlm finish.PNG

'Special' folder designation

By default, Windows Live Mail 2011 will not assign your Drafts, Junk, Sent and Trash folders correctly. To rectify this, go to the properties page of your account (ALT+S then ALT+P when viewing normal email) and under the IMAP tab, enter the following:

  • Sent Items path: Inbox.Sent
  • Drafts path: Inbox.Drafts
  • Deleted Items path: Inbox.Trash
  • Junk path: Inbox.Junk

Troubleshooting and Ports

  • Sending Error

Wml error send.PNG

  • If you can't send any email with an Error either saying that ' Server does not support SSL connection ' or similar try changing your outgoing port to the alternative Port 587 by Right Clicking your account and selecting Properties

Wlm account edit.PNG

  • Change port to 587 and Ok everything.

Wlm out port587.PNG

SMTP Port 587 is the alternate for (blocked) port 25

On the Advanced tab, change port 25 to 587, if your ISP blocks port 25.

It is the alternate port that DreamHost apparently makes available, just for that case.