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Windows Live Mail is freeware from Microsoft. It can be downloaded in the Windows Essentials suite.

Configuring your email address

  1. Launch 'Windows Live Mail'.
    01 Windows Live Mail.png
  2. Enter your email, password and 'Display name'. Also make sure the 'Remember this password' box is checked.
  3. Click the Next button.
    02 Windows Live Mail.png
  4. On this page you must enter your email credentials. View the Email Client Configuration for information on how to obtain this information. Fill in the following fields:
    Incoming server information
    • Server type - IMAP is recommended
    • Server address - This is where '' is your domain
    • Port - 993 is a secure IMAP port
    • 'Requires a secure connection (SSL) - Check this box
    • Authentication using - From the dropdown choose 'Clear text'. If you choose 'Secure Password Authentication', this app mail fail to connect
    • Logon user name - Your full email address
    Outgoing server information
    • Server address - This is where '' is your domain
    • Port - 465 for a secure port. Otherwise you can use 587
    • Requires a secure connection (SSL) - Check this box
    • Requires authentication - Check this box
  5. Click the Next button.
    03 Windows Live Mail.png
  6. A confirmation box is displayed. Click the Finish button.
    04 Windows Live Mail.png
  7. You may now see a secure certificate error. Click Yes to continue.

Your inbox now loads.

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