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At some point you may notice an error message in Webmail. This guide describes common errors and their solutions.

If the issue you’re experiencing is not answered in this article, contact DreamHost support for further assistance:

Troubleshooting errors and other issues

ERROR : Could not complete request. Query: CREATE "Sent Items"

If this error message fills your entire folder column in SquirrelMail, you probably have set two conflicting options. The conflicting options which cause this error are located in the Folder Display options page and the options are:

  • Sent Folder : [Do Not Use]
  • Show Variable Sent Folder : Always

To fix, select "sent folder" to use, or disable the Show Variable Sent Folder.

Why doesn't Addressbook CSV Import Work?

If you can't seem to import your CSV file in SquirrelMail, try breaking the file up into separate files of 100 lines or less. Try multiple times if it keeps asking you for the file. If 100-line files do not work, try breaking the files into even smaller chunks. You must import at least three fields for it to work, including:

  • email
  • nickname, and
  • either last or first name.

Once uploaded, assign each field to the column. Maximum file size for upload is 5KB; approximately 100 lines. Nicknames must also be unique.

What can I do if my mailbox is full?

If your mail user runs out of disk space, you'll be unable to receive new messages, as well as having a hard time deleting old ones. View the Disk Usage Warning article for further details and solutions on how to resolve this.

Help! My calendar data has disappeared!

If your calendar data has suddenly disappeared, contact DreamHost support as soon as possible. Support can check to see if there are any backups available to restore.

Is there an attachment size limit when sending mail through Webmail?

Because Webmail is a PHP web application, it has lower limits for the email attachment size than emails sent through other methods. That limit is 7 MB. If you need to send a larger attachment, you must use a mail client such as Thunderbird.

The SENT folder in Webmail is duplicating itself

After logging into Webmail, you may notice the SENT folder duplicating itself as shown below:






The following error may also show:

ERROR: Could not complete request.

Reason Given: Invalid mailbox name:

  1. Log into Webmail.
  2. Navigate to the mailbox options page.
  3. Check the SENT folder option, which probably shows as Sent = Draft or something else.
  4. Set the SENT folder to ‘Sent’ and save your changes.
  5. If you are unable to remove the duplicate folders yourself, contact DreamHost support for assistance.

Foreign characters are not translating

You'll need to enable language options in SquirrelMail:

  1. Log into Webmail.
  2. On the top, click 'Options > Translation Options'.
  3. Choose a translator from the dropdown box such as 'Google'.
  4. Check off the following:
    • Show translation box
    • Translate inside the SquirrelMail frames

ERROR:: Connection dropped by IMAP server

You may have hit the server’s quota limit. Try removing old email and waiting a few hours. If it still doesn’t allow you to login, contact DreamHost support for assistance.

maildir delivery failed: error writing

You may see the following in a bounce message due to an undelivered email:

maildir delivery failed: error writing

message: Disk quota exceeded

This means your address has hit the server’s quota limit. Try removing old email and waiting a few hours. If it still doesn’t allow you to login, contact DreamHost support for assistance.

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