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This wiki is a quick overview on how to install WebCalendar to your website.

What is WebCalendar?

WebCalendar is a single or multi-user calendar program available via Available One Click Installs from your Dreamhost panel. Current stable version is 1.2.7, which is the version available from the One-Click Install page. For more information about WebCalendar, please visit the following page:

Installing WebCalendar

Review the How to Install a One-Click Install article for detailed instructions on how to install this program.

Once you’ve installed WebCalendar via the One-Click installer, you will receive an email notification which contains information required to complete the installation onto your domain.

Setting a timezone

If you need to set your timezone greater than plus or minus 12 hours from the server time:

  1. Log in to your WebCalendar domain.
  2. On the top left, click Settings and then click Preferences.
  3. Select an option to change your timezone and Time format.
  4. Click Save Preferences when finished.

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