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WebCalendar is a single or multi user calendar program available via "one-click Installs" from your Dreamhost control panel. Current stable version is 1.0.5, which is the version available from the One Click install. For more information about WebCalendar see external link.


If you need to set your timezone greater than plus or minus 12 hours from the server time, you will need to make a simple change to your pref.php file. This file is located in the directory you installed WebCalendar in to.

edit pref.php and find this line (line 111 on the default install of version 1.0.2):

for ( $i = -12; $i <= 12; $i++ ) {

and change it to:

for ( $i = -24; $i <= 24; $i++ ) {

E-mail Reminders

If you'd like to set things up so you get E-mail reminders about events from your calendar you'll need to do the follow. Please note that these instructions assume you are a moderately advanced user with basic shell experience.

Begin by moving the file send_reminders.php from your tools directory to somewhere outside of the WebCalendar directory for security reasons. I put the file in my user's root directory. Next edit send_reminders.php with your favorite text editor and update the $basedir and $includedir with a relative path back to your WebCalendar files. Example:


Now create a new cron tab entry to have php run the script. Every 15 or 30 min should be more than ample. For example:

*/15 * * * * /usr/local/bin/php /home/user/path/to/send_reminders.php > dev/null

That should have things working, test from command line to see if you get any errors.

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