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VTiger CRM (VTigerCRM) is a great free open-source customer relationship management program. Though we do not officially offer this program you can install it on your shared server account with no problems, it just requires a bit of poking around to get it running ok.

You will want to follow the standard installation instructions that VTiger offers, During the installation you may get a 500 error which is caused by a timeout, if this happens, just redirect your browser to the folder you have Vtiger installed at, more then often the install finished and you should be able to continue.

If you notice that the installation appears to not be complete, for example there is no loaded info on the homepage of VTiger or you are not permitted to create new leads you just need to re-install again. When re-installing just login to your database via phpmyadmin using your database's hostname and delete (DROP) all of the tables. Once you have finsihed that go ahead and re-install again.

Install Troubleshooting: If re-installing does not solve the problem of the home page showing up empty you should re-install again but with the "WebTips" module unchecked, this is an option when you are installing.

Once you have it installed you will notice "Call-time pass-by-reference" errors. This is because we do not have this option enabled in our php installation.

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This is not a problem, you can get around this 2 ways. The easiest if to edit the file located at


where you have VTigerCRM installed and enter in these 3 lines of code right after the comments

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ini_set ('max_execution_time', 600); 
ini_set ('allow_call_time_pass_reference', True); 
ini_set ('error_reporting', E_WARNING & ~E_NOTICE);

The 2nd option is to have your site use its own php.ini file using this guide which shows you how to copy our standard php.ini file into your domains directory so that you can modify it and add in these lines of code

allow_call_time_pass_reference = On

I installed VTiger 6.2.0 on March 21, 2015 as follows:

1. Created a subdomain crm.mydomain.com 
2. Uploaded the VTiger tarball via ftp.
3. Followed the instructions above that say "Follow the Vtiger installation instructions".
4. Used ssh connected to mydomain.com and changed to the crm.mydomain.com directory.
5. Expanded the tar file uploaded via ftp.
6. Pointed my browser to crm.mydomain.com/vtiger per the instructions and followed the instructions.
7. Updates ...
 - VTiger 6.2.0 requires PHP 5.5. The original installation found 5.4.xx. I changed the subdomain to 5.5. The check then returned "No" when checking for PHP after that. I decided to go ahead.
 - Check also did not like the error detection.
 - Check wants a PHP time out of 600 not the 30 found. <- I may worry about this in a bit.
 - I clicked "Next" and a warning dialog box popped up. I clicked "Go ahead".
8. Created a mysql database for use by VTiger
9. Completed the install.
 - The install did time out. I followed the above instructions for timeout, and it worked. The installation did finish!
 - It appears 6.2.0 does not use Smarty. I'm not getting pass by reference errors (yet).
 - Someday I may worry about changing the php timeout value.