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Main Menu

Includes the following user-related functions:

Manage Users

More info about managing users can be found here:

    Adding New Users

    The Add New User button adds an FTP/shell user.

    Type of User Account
    FTP is the default. SFTP works the same as regular FTP using a secure connection. Shell allows access to the web server's command line interface; shell users can also use FTP or SFTP.

    About the Full Name field


    When you click the Edit link, the Editing User screen opens which allows you to:

    • Change the password
    • Change the displayed name (not the username )
    • Enable shell access
    • Enable quota restriction
    • Enable user resource reporting

    Other Topics

    Enhanced User Security

SSH Keys

SSH keys can be used for passwordless access to your VPS.

Account Privileges

Provide limited access to your account to another person.
Account Privileges

Unix Groups

Groups are used for sharing files on Unix systems (and that's all!).