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Thank you for contributing to the DreamHost wiki! Unfortunately, I reverted your addition of the link you added to the PHP.ini article, because we prefer not to link to discussion forums (please see DreamHost:External_links). You might also note that the method described in the forum post to which you linked is, in fact, already on our wiki (though it has been replaced by a different procedure). The method used/described in your link can be found in the history of the PHP.ini page and, if you really think it is better than (or should just be *also* listed along with) the current method), please edit the main PHP.ini page to add the method itself to the main page. This would keep all the content "local" to our wiki. You can retrieve the actual content from the page history, and then, the normal way that wikis work will result in the content either remaining, or being edited, according to the consensus of the wiki community. Thank! -- Rlparker 17:20, 27 October 2008 (UTC)