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Ok, since everyone else is talking about themselves, I suppose I could as well (baaa). I'm pretty tired, so hopefully this won't be too obnoxious. ;P

About Me

I'm currently an unemployed bum who's between school and engaging in a life-changing quest involving moving to Montréal and hopefully finding a place to live and possibly even a job! This means I have loads of free time right now to fill the Wiki with my nonsensical, craptastical attempt at attaining even a glimpse of Josh's clever humour that fills the monthly newsletters. Because, let's face it, this stuff is pretty damn dry for the non-geekified among us, and DreamHost's funny, down-to-earth attitude is what's kept me a happy customer for 4+ years. It only makes sense that the Wiki should make an attempt at reflecting that as well.

Or so I like to tell myself.

My Life Story in 100 words or less

I grew up in the midwestern U.S., met a girl over an Internet chatroom (yep I'm one of those people), moved to Nova Scotia to be with her, and *POW!* 6 years later it's somehow still working out. We married in 2003 (yes, I'm a girl.. she's a girl... I'll pause for a minute while you work that out), and just recently I finally became a Canadian permanent resident. Just another couple years until I can get my citizenship and vote up here, and then I shall rule all of North America with an iron fist. Mwahahahaaa!

Computer stuff

I pretty much eat, breathe, and sleep computers and the Internet. My specialties are (X)HTML, CSS (I'm real big on standards-based design), PHP, and SQL, but I'm also decent with Flash, Java, JavaScript, C#, and VB.NET with a little manual perusal. I'm a huge supporter of the open source movement. I love tinkering around with new technology, breaking stuff and trying to figure out how it works so I can fix it again, and above all helping people to learn some of this crazy stuff (which most of the time causes me to learn things along the way). Awww. :P

Non-Computer stuff

During the approximately 4 hours per year that I'm not at a keyboard for some reason, I enjoy playing video games (especially "old school" console games), drawing silly cartoons, and doing logic puzzles and the like. Yes, I'm that much of a geek.


Here are a couple of the sites I host with DreamHost:

  • Basically just my "frig around with stuff" domain, but there are some kind of fun scripts there such as SNEAK, which allows you send secret messages to your friends in binary, l33tsp34k, and so on, and a binary clock based on the popular item from ThinkGeek.
  • An index of "hacking" challenges (really, for the most part they're just programming and logic games based around a computer theme)