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Hey my name is Rob and I am a customer here at Dreamhost and I have had nothing but greatness come from it.

About Me

My name is Robert E. Goodermote Jr. I am a web programmer who specializes in PHP and has a very deep love for the Mediawiki software and is extremely familiar with how it works. I have a very large Internet presence but my largest is at Wikipedia where I have a number of rewards and have access to Rollbacker and Account Creator status (Rollbacker is trivial Account Creator is..well obviously kept under control given it's obviously there to bypass blocks to create accounts for people who wouldn't otherwise be able to) and I have been nommed for admin on many occasions. Although it appears that having a primary goal of anti-vandalism will only get you so far. So I'm 20 years old and have nothing better to do right now in this horrid economy and figure I'll come here and join another Wiki (I just can't stop doing it) and see what I can do.


  • My website - Uses a beat up and hacked up version of Mediawiki 1.16.0beta1.
  • My back up Wiki - Runs Doku Wiki which is basically like Mediawiki but doesn't use MySQL.
  • Girlfriend's Website - Should have seen her face when she saw I bought a URL and it spelled out her name. ^~^