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Malakhi is Scott Abbey's web persona. That would be me. A little history of me will follow.


I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1980. That makes me 25 as I write this. I relocated shortly thereafter to Virginia Beach, Virginia, where I would spend most of the rest of my childhood. I had a rather unremarkeable childhood. As a matter of fact, nothing really sticks out. Come to think of it, I am a rather dull person. So, moving on...


After completing high school, I was enrolled for a time (a very short time) at Old Dominion University. I dropped all my classes when I made the decision that I was not interested in pursuing a college degree just yet. At that point, I enrolled in an emergency medical technician course, got a job, and coasted for a while.

Eventually, I took a cardiac technician course (in Virginia, that's very similar to a Paramedic), and wound up getting a job doing that. I have dallied with college off and on. I think I have enough credits now to technically be considered a junior, although I haven't really bothered to keep track.

Current activities

I am currently employed full-time as a Paramedic/Firefighter for a mid-sized fire department in western Virginia. (Note: that is not West Virginia.) I've been doing that since January 2002. Before that, I was employed as a tech at the local Level 1 Trauma Center.

I spend my spare time surfing the web, piddling around in various (mostly incomplete) programming endeavors, working on my web site (again, incomplete), and hanging out with my friends.

I have a fairly long history on the Wikipedia project. I deal mostly with the articles on the fire and emergency medical services, with the occasional foray into history.

Oh yeah, I love history.


  • Computers
  • The Internet
  • Video games
  • Comic books
  • Japanese animation/manga
  • Programming
  • Fire/EMS science
  • Cars
  • Books
  • A crap load of other stuff I can't think of just this minute.
  • Oh yeah, I love history :-D