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Key things I'm doing on DreamHost, from start of this page (2008.08.18) to present (2010.04.09):

  1. start-present: Get my desktop data instead stored primarily online via Inexpensive multi-user file sharing of ~100GB (CD/DVD backups, photos, & videos) with fine-grain access control and ideally versioning:
    1. 200907~-present: via Subversion (as it does high-quality professional versioning, plus it seems can do full WebDAV (testing)). I have been using this for most of my text editing (writing, coding, spreadsheets). And now planning to do my own install of Subversion on DreamHost.
    2. start-200907~: via WebDAV -- did several hours of work improving that page, plus got WebDAV running a 5-user site, but so far every user has full read/write access with no versioning so too dangerous!
  2. start-present: the start of a next-generation Wikipedia (large wiki) including WYSIWYG HTML, embedded ads, private spaces, comparison matrixes, and semantic web functions -- under development.
    1. 2009-present: considering via eXist XML DB http://eXist.Sourceforge.Net
    2. 2009-present: considering temporarily via WordPress especially BuddyPress http://BuddyPress.Org
    3. start-200905~: considering for the medium-term via Drupal
      1. Drupal is well supported in general but disfavoring now due to its complex startup and architecture which is quite impressive for the near and medium term but for the long term still doesn't seem to have all the right foundations. It also lacks "matrix" comparison and does not store its data in XML but rather evolving in its own direction for fielded data which is not-clearly better and entirely non-standard.
    4. start-200903~ considering via Typo3 -- disfavoring as much less supported than Drupal and seemingly not as updated.
  3. start-present: Updating the wiki pages with the admin info I learn, making it that much easier for the next guy. See my contributions :-)

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