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My StumbleUpon Pages:

Aine - hosted at DreamHost

I'm still in the process of moving 4 other domains over to here.  :)

  • Waiting for DNS propagation on via GoDaddy (24+ hours!)
  • Waiting on database stability (I keep getting notices on servers, and I have no idea if any of these servers have anything to do with my account or domain(s). AFAIK, my web pages are on 'hill,' and I don't know what machine my db is on. It's very confusing to receive all these notices, not knowing.)
  • Minor involvement with Flock browser documentation and their wiki.
  • I'm a moderator in the Flock Group forums at
  • Working on documentation for on
  • I do volunteer Help in stumbleupon's forums.
  • Formerly, I was the Admin at I left there about a year ago. ;)
  • I do a lot of writing online, much of it about Politics, but I also write poetry. Much of it will soon be going offline while I move to DreamHost.

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