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When your site is built and ready to go, you can upload your files to DreamHost to place them on your account.

This can be done in several ways:

Note2 icon.png Note: There are many other FTP client software pacakges. Please visit the FTP wiki for more information.

FTP Client

We recommend you use a FTP client to upload your files to DreamHost. You can download a FTP client of your choice (see the FTP wiki for more information).

Use the following FTP account login values when prompted:

Server Or URL (FTP Host)
Website address (leave out the "http://"). You can also enter in your server address if your registration has not yet propagated over the internet. So if you're on the 'flower' server your server address would be flower.dreamhost.com and so on.
FTP Port. Most FTP clients automatically set port 21 for you (since it's the default FTP port).
User Name
FTP user name. Please note that your WebPanel WebID is NOT the FTP username, even though they are sometimes the same. You can find this information in the email DreamHost sent to you when you either signed up or created the FTP user account. Contact support if you are unsure as to what your FTP user name is.
Your Password. Please note this is NOT the same password as you use for your WebPanel. You can find this information in the email DreamHost sent you either when you signed up or when you created the FTP user account. Again, contact support if you cannot find your FTP password.
Remote Path
Path where your FTP client uploads your files. Enter the name of the folder to which you wish to upload your files. By default, DreamHost always names your website's content folder after itself. For example, Dreamhost.com path would be "/home/username/dreamhost.com/" and Yoursite.com would be path "/home/username/yoursite.com/".

An example screenshot of an FTP login screen in Internet Explorer showing completed fields:

Upload 1.jpg
Important icon.png Important: If you uploaded your site and everything looks like it transferred normally, but you only see a "Parent directory", then chances are you uploaded your files to the wrong folder, or you uploaded your files to the wrong FTP user account. Please check and retry.

After you have entered the correct settings into the FTP client, click Connect to log into the system. You should be able to simpy drag and drop your files in to the upload window. The status window should show you the progress and alert you when completed.


You can also connect to your site via WebFTP. This isn't intended to be a full featured FTP client, but suffices when you don't have one handy.

  • Uploads are limited to 2MB.
  • Once you have your FTP program open and running, you'll need to point it somewhere to upload files. You'll need to enter the 'hostname' of your site (often called a domain name or server, depending on the FTP program). For example, if your site is viewable at 'www.dreamhostrules.com', the hostname would simply be 'dreamhostrules.com'.
  • If your domain hasn't been set up yet (not registered or not transferred to DreamHost) you can still upload your site directly to your machine name temporarily.

Please see the FTP wiki for more information.