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DreamHost does not limit upload speeds; the only limit in place is the physical limits of the router that connects the server to the internet (100mb per second [10/100]). Chances are that you're not maxing this out, and if you are, this wiki entry must be a couple of years old and out dated... but back to the subject of your slow upload speed.

There are two likely reasons for these slow-downs:

  • Network connection is bad
  • You have a firewall program that is blocking you

There are a few more reasons, but these are the most frequent that we deal with.

Network connection is bad

The Problem: When you try to connect to your account, it takes a while and sometimes it even times out. When you start to upload files, it is at a much lower constant rate then what you usually get.

What you should do: This is likely caused by a network connection issue. It could be that your router is malfunctioning, or there is a server down somewhere in your connection to us. It is best if you can run a trace route and send us the results, so that we can investigate were the slowdown is happening.

Running a trace route


  • Open a MS-DOS prompt (command prompt):
  1. Click Start
  2. Click Run
  3. Type cmd or command and press enter
  • Type tracert yourdomain.com and hit the Enter key. If you want to check the email server, use tracert mail.yourdomain.com instead.

Mac OS 9

Mac OS X

  • Open a terminal
  • Type traceroute yourdomain.com


  • Same as OS X but you may have to manually install traceroute from your repository.

Firewall Blocking the connection

The Problem: You get a connection failed right away when you try to connect to your FTP connection, or you make a connection but you notice that your upload speed starts to slowdown to 0kb and then just fails, or your file looks like it uploads but when it shows up on the file list it has a 0kb size.

What you should do: Usually a firewall is behind these types of problems. First look through your system to see if you have a firewall program running. If you do, try disabling it temporarily and then try to connect. If this works, you need to set your Firewall program to allow FTP connection (port 21).

If you are using Windows, you may want to check your Control Panel to see if the Windows Firewall is turned on - this is our customers' biggest problem when it comes to firewall blocking their connections.

If this still does not solve your problem, contact Support and let us know what settings you are using, and what program, so we can investigate why this is happening.