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This guide will explain how you can take emails that you have backed up to your computer from a previous email account you had and upload them to either a new email address or the same email address that you are setting up in a different location.

For this guide you will need to first have backed up your emails onto your computer, if you have not done that yet just read this guide that explains how to backup your email.

Next you will need to make sure your email account offers an IMAP connection (all Dreamhost email accounts do) most email providers offer this.

1. You will want to setup a IMAP connection to your newly created email address or email address you want to move the backed up emails to. You will do this on a program like Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail. Which you can find instructions on how to do by clicking on the links for the program you are going to use.

2. Once you have made the IMAP connection to your destination email address you will simply drag and drop your backed up emails on your computer into the inbox folder that is connected to your destination email address... Your backed up emails will then be moved into your emails programs inbox which will cause the IMAP connection to synchronize your email program inbox with your destination email address inbox... pretty much your email program will be copying your backed up emails into your destination email address. Thats it.

This method can be used to transfer emails from any address to any other address. So it will be a great idea for transfers to Google Apps email service if you want to move to that