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If you are looking to transfer your whole site to please refer to the Transfer your Hosting to Us Wiki page. This page will explain the process of transferring just your registration to us. If you already have an account with us and you want to transfer your registration to us, this what you will need to do before you start the transfer:

  1. Unlock your registration at the company that it is currently registered at.
  2. Remove the privacy protection from your whois registration information, this tends to get in the way and diverts the approval email to a non-responding email.
  3. Make sure the whois registration information is updated and has the correct email address.
  4. Obtain the Auth Code, also known as the EPP code from your current registrar, this is the key that allows the transfer to proceed.
  5. Make sure you have not transfered or registered the name in the last 60 days (ICANN policy prohibits transfers in this time period)

If you have these 5 issues covered then you should be able to successfully transfer your registration to us. To start the transfer process just go to the Reg. Transfer page and enter the name of the registration that you would like to transfer.

Registrationtrans 01.png

Next you will be able to Enter your (1) Auth Code / EPP code and choose if you want to select the (2) Privacy Protection or (3) Your own information for the registration whois. At the bottom of the page you can enter in the (4) nameservers for the registration to point to when the transfer finishes.

Registrationtrans 02.png

The next step will be to pay for the transfer. If you have not used up your free registration, the transfer will be free. Otherwise, the charge will be the standard registration charge. The transfer is basically a renewal fee. ICANN requires that you renew your registration with the company that you are going to transfer to, so you will have your name renewed for an additional year on top of what you already have.

Note that you should see something on your domain registration transfer page about an ongoing transfer. If you don't see this after you've paid and entered the auth codes, you will likely have a credit on your account and (for now at least) you must simply repeat the whole process.

If you have any questions please Contact Us

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