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> All FTP (including Shell) users can also receive email, and so in a way are also "mail users".

Not true. This is true only of FTP users that have mailboxes. The only way I know to find out if an FTP user has a mailbox is to look for its name under Passwords, Mailboxes.

> Mail Users
> ... there are also special Mail-only users (also known as mailboxes) that are only used
> for reading and sending email, and cannot FTP nor access the shell. These mailboxes
> currently are all named in the format m########

Not true. Mail-only users / mailboxes may have alphanumeric names just like FTP users. To create a mail-only users / mailboxes with an alphanumeric name, create an FTP "user" of that name, then delete the "user" without deleting the mailbox.

> Is there any way to create a user who has SSH access but FTP is disabled?

How to delete a mysql user?

How do I delete a MySQL user? --Gadlen 08:57, 11 March 2008 (PDT)