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Whatever happened to web folders (Samba)? I used to be able to setup a Web Folder and specify it as a drive letter on my PC and then access it from Dreamweaver as if it were a local hard drive. This avoids the problems associated with FTP (moving files) and makes things much smoother. Did it disappear because of security?

New Site Setup in DW CS5

For users of Dreamweaver CS5/Dreamweaver 11, when setting up a new site, you'll encounter some new terminology for the fields, compared to what is posted in this wiki and others. The following worked for me here in February 2011.

Server Name (can be anything-is your own reference) Connect Using: set to “ftp” FTP Address: is your domain name only, without the "www." prefix or "/" suffix Port: can be left at 21 Username: find in your account email from DreamHost or once logged in to your Dreamhost account, it’s listed on the row of the domain, in the “Web Hosting” column Password: should be in your account email Root Directory: typically the same at "FTP Address" but with a "/" suffix (“custom domains” might also need the "www." prefix) Web URL: the full thing from http to the "/" suffix

Dreamweaver offers “More Options” "Use Passive FTP" should have a check in the box The four other options, I left unchecked and was able to connect. (I was concerned that I had set up an IPv6 for my site, and so would need to turn on Dreamweaver’s “Use IPV6 Transfer Mode” option, but I left it unchecked and was able to connect).

So as always, your mileage may vary but this is what worked for me and I wanted to share this with other Dreamweaver CS5/Dreamweaver 11 users.