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What would you think of putting a link to the DeltaCopy article here, perhaps under a subheader for Automated Backups? If it were a single list item, it would invite others to develop pages outlining other ways of automating backups using RSSH and linking them here.

Regarding the recent addition of "Getting your Backups User diskspace usage"

I think this is useful information, but I think it is misplaced in this page, and is more appropriate for either a page of its own, or possible inclusion on a Backups User page. I'd like to hear others' input on this. What are other editors feelings about the suitability of this content on this page? Thanks! -- Rlparker 12:30, 21 January 2009 (UTC)

It does seem to be a bit misplaced. Maybe it should in fact be a page of its own and just linked as a "See also" on this page. That way it could also contain scripts in various other languages, not everyone uses PHP. --Atte 12:17, 23 May 2009 (UTC)