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Since you cannot mail attachments directly, if you want to send a scan of the IRS document(s), follow the Attachments instructions.

Billing method for non-profits

I was confused whether you needed to pre-pay and expect a refund. Clarified by support:

"2 - you could alternatively just choose "Pay by Check" on the sign-up page. This will not bill you for anything since we will be waiting for your check. Once the non-profit hosting plan is setup the charge would be removed from your account, it would be activated, and you would not need to send in a check."

-- rlb 14:38, 5 Feb 2007 (PST)

Various questions

Conversation with Phiya C, might answer some questions you have:

1) I have the 501(c)(3) letter from the IRS in PDF form (scanned), is there any way I can email it instead of faxing it?

I'm afraid, we only accept verification over fax. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Addendum (30 Nov 2011): PDF files (or screenshots or anything) can be attached to new support requests made through the web panel.

2) The wiki doesn't specify if we must select a particular hosting plan. Am I able to pick a 5 year plan? Are other options, such as use of a private MySQL server available?

Any plan should be fine as it would then be converted once status is verified. Please do choose the option to pay by check. (mysql and web PS not included)

(non profit account approval can take longer than paid accounts. If setup time is of concern, just pay for the plan, and we'll reimburse you the full amount later)

3) Once setup, will Eagles Nest need to continually send you information of any sort?


-- Jeff Ginger 16:08, 16 May 2009 (CNT)

After reading the post above, we had some questions about which features are provided under the Non-profit Discount, specifically MySQL. The above post says it is not provided so I asked support:

Not a problem at all Eric, I'll be happy to clear this up. The non-profit hosting is the exact same as our paid shared hosting:

However, the wiki is correct, you DO NOT have free access to the PS services:

since this is a paid add-on. You will still have access to shared web and MySQL hosting.

I hope this clears things up, but if you have any other questions, just let me know.

Thanks! Jeff M

-- Eric Bessman Ebessman 13:32, 19 January 2010 (UTC)

Step 4 says to email support, but when you do you get a bounce message saying the following:

Your support message was NOT received!

We're sorry, but your email was unable to be processed by our automatic support system:

We could not find the open support case you were replying to, so your message could not be tied into our system. If this was a reply to an EXISTING issue, please be sure to keep the:

  [blah 123456]

tag in the subject line of your reply! We use that to keep track of what case your message is associated with.

If this is regarding a NEW issue, we must ask that you submit it through our web panel at:

(You can log in with this email address and your panel password.)

All messages submitted through that form will be received!

Our apologies for the inconvenience, The Happy DreamHost Support Team!

I had to use the Dreamhost Contact Form ( to complete the process.

--Weeeezzll 07:31, 16 May 2012 (PDT)

Non-Profits Outside the U.S.?

- Does or will Dreamhost recognize non-profit organizations registered in other countries? Say Canada? Thanks! Satri 21:11, 10 October 2009 (UTC)

Recognition is not really the issue here; DreamHost "recognizes" organizations in other countries, but in order for them to have a free account, they must produce the U.S. IRS 501(c)(3) Determination Letter. The wiki article is very clear about this when it says "A 501(c)(3) determination letter is the only documentation that we will accept. If you are a non-profit organization and do not have a determination letter, regardless of the reason, you will be denied free hosting. " -- Rlparker 06:15, 11 October 2009 (UTC)